From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria.
SUBJECT: Annoy Your Prospects To Increase Sales

When it comes to selling you need to be focused on the margin and not the number. In that case, I don’t care annoying some customers to increase sales.

Now hold on…

There are different ways to annoy your customers.

Not giving them a good product or service will definitely annoy them.

Not delivering on your promise will make them go nut.

Ignoring them when they request for something will sure make them hate you.

Insulting them will not only annoy them, but make them fight back…


I am not talking about any if those…

I am talking about annoying them in a pleasant way. 

When it comes to selling online, you must have heard about…

Sales funnel optimization. Landing page. Have you?

Sales funnel is simply stacking different landing pages together to increase the conversion rate.

Lead generation (also known as opt-in) page to the thank you page….

Then to the automated email series. It continues to a sales page. Then, an upsell or down-sell page.

You stack all these together to increase conversion. 

Opt-in page. >>>> Thank you page  >>>> Sales Page (Upsell, Downsell)

You can use different contents on them: text, video and audio.

Ideally, when you place a video or audio online, you shouldn’t place it on auto-play because it could annoy your prospects and even if you place it on auto play to lure them to listening to it, ensure you have the video or audio muted. 

That’s how it’s on many websites today. But only on few websites where the marketer has got the gut to annoy their prospects will you see something different. These are the marketers who are focused on increasing conversion rather than doing what everyone is doing. 

It’s been tested that having a video or audio on your thank-you page builds better rapport and close the deal faster, especially if it is on auto-play. Yes. I know this will annoy many prospects, but hey! They silently don’t mind since it builds better trust.

Instead of having the conventional text where you appreciate your prospects or inform them about where to get your freebie or upsell them a low-ticket product, test a video or audio on autoplay. The conversion will jump! 

Ensure you test it. I did that on one of my report and the conversion went up higher than 30%. They want to hear your voice, or see your face to know they wouldn’t be dealing with some kind of improved robot.

This is the kind of annoyance I am talking about. Try it.