From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: This Man Didn’t Give Me A Dime After Working With Him For Close To 2 Years. See What He Gave Me…

I know this looks strange in the current economy, where everyone is looking for the next big hit. In fact, many folks will tell you that if there is no money involved they wouldn’t like to do it. But right there in 2014, I met Mr ABC Obiukwu…

I worked with him with several other persons to grow his organization. I worked as though I was being paid. I go early, return later than the usual time. I championed several strategies including doing the unsexy things to ensure the organization grows. And somehow, I started improving in my communication, interpersonal and managerial skills.. I never knew I would play a major contributory role in the organization owing to my past experiences. But with the platform, I was aided.

As time went by, Saturday by Saturday, I was improving in my capacity. I started taking new roles. I started getting closer to him and started accessing the materials in his library. That was one of the best moments I had while building myself. Soon enough, I became indispensable to every organization. They need me to be part of them to get fresh ideas and insights to grow. Many think of my wizardry skills as though I got my coaching from the mystery Mrs “Koin Koin”. By the way, Mrs Koin Koin is a mystery and scary lady who walks at night with high heels. I learnt she is a blood sucker.)

Mind you, Mr ABC could have paid him heavily for my services. He was well to do. If he did, I would probably not have accessed his mentorship, his brain, advice…. like I did. We could have maintain a boss-employee relationship. 

Today, the reverse is the case. He calls me once in a while to give me tips about business. I also add value to him every now and then in kind. 

Listen, your starting point or shooting point could be working with someone to learn. Take voluntarily role, work as interns with no focus on money (at first) but on growth. Do this. 

And if you have got someone in your life similar to Mr ABC, keep giving them value. Know what they what they like and give to them. They are humans after all. Try this. You’ll be stunned at the law of reciprocity playing itself out.