From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: What Many Businesses Don’t Do That Could Have Increase Their Sales To Over 500%

No jokes….

Many business owners have directly and indirectly called this stress. And that’s why they don’t do it. They continue with the conventional method almost everyone is doing and then pray business and sales increase.


How will it increase when you’re not talking a step different from what almost everyone is doing? It is easy for everyone to hunt for customers…

Run ads…

Create new products…

That’s the conventional method. But many a times, I keep observing the strategies many business owners employ and I get irritated. You see, many of them run their business casually as though the business is a thing and doesnt have life.

Well, I see every business as though they are alive. I mean REAL BEING. As such, I treat them appropriately. As real beings, we need nutrition to survive, right? Similarly, businesses need nutrition (sales) to survive and thrive. In order words, businesses need clients to give them sales, isn’t it? 

Sadly, many businesses are focused on the wrong thing. They are glued to their products or services and they forget that real sales comes from pleasing the customers/clients. This is why they just create product or services without the prospects in mind. 

They hardly help the prospects perceive their value faster. They assume their prospects should understand the terminologies they know. They assume that their prospects will just slap their money into their pockets without asking questions about the products or services. They assume their prospects don’t need to be followed-up. 

They assume their prospects will instantly trust their products or services without asking for guarantees or testimonials. They believe their prospects will walk to their website or store or location without doing some promotion. They don’t care about writing a good sales copy for their products. All they care is to put the picture and add the colour red “buy-now” button.

And guess what?

That is why many new businesses ethically steal clients from them. They work on solving the cracks. They make it better.

They post video testimonials of their clients. They overload their prospects with guarantees.

They follow up on their prospects to ensure a satisfaction is met.

They use known and simpler words to communicate to their prospects.

They spend more time understanding how their prospects behaviour.

They know the thoughts bubbling in the head of their prospects by putting themselves in their prospects’ shoes, interviewing them, observing their response over time by studying their conversations online….

And then within a short time, they start reaping good sales.

At this point, I believe you must have seen the points. Not sure? Okay, will help you out.

*Keep knowing your prospects more than you’re learning about your competitors

*Keep learning about the thoughts in their head. You can get this from research on Google using keywords phrases.

*Make your Prospect perceive your offer in the simplest form possible. Skip jargons and talk the language they understand..

*Show them reviews and testimonials.

*Give power guarantee

*Follow up on them

I believe that made it simpler for you. Now go act it out.