From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: I Like Politicians Because Of This…

Wait before you start reeling off the many reasons why politicians are bad, will you give me a few minutes to tell you why I like politicians.

For the past few years, I have closely studied many politicians and at some point desired to be a politician until I found a new interest.

There is something peculiar about politicians that business owners need to learn.

No, I am not talking about the fact that many of them are manipulators.

No. I am also not talking about the fact that they are bunch of liars. Not this.

You can’t learn those from them. Doing those will kill your business faster. 

But here is something I found interesting in them. It is the fact that many of them are good rapport builders. When invited to a meeting, they are more concerned about the people there. Their caliber, their mode of speaking and dressing.

In fact, you’d hardly catch them eating in a party, unless they are with their cliques. They are purposeful in meeting their objectives when it comes to networking. They know what their prospects will most likely wear. They wear something similar. They plan what to talk about when they eventually meet their prospects. They know the language and style of speaking of their prospects..

They are good human behaviour observers. Maybe this is why they know what to day to get an angry crowd calm and eventually win their votes. This is why they paint the right campaign to lure their prospects. They frame themselves as ideal (until they are seated in office of course)

Go check any good politicians. They are people of influence. Forget about what power does to their office. Many of them create their influence from their interpersonal and communication skills. 

And that’s why I like them. Above everything, they have good knowledge about their prospects. You should do that as well. 

Know what will make your prospects tick. Know the language they understands. Know what their major interests is. Know what to do to catch their attention.

By the way, I still like being a politician, but I am not considering the option any time soon. How have you been lately? Have you been applying what you’ve been getting so far from The Ace Entrepreneur?

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