From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Put Hot Coals Under Their Feet


Have you ever watched the highlights of Tony Robbins Unleash Your Power Within Programme on YouTube?

It is always interesting. One scene I really find awe-inspiring is that of walking on hot-coals. You see people cheering you up to put those bare-feet of yours on those freaking hot coals in order to beat a mystery fear. 

Well, somehow you wouldn’t be able push away the golden voice of Tony Robbins saying “You can do this” or the cheering crowd, telling you how they felt afterwards. You sure want that feeling and you take the first step on those coals. And soon enough you join the cheering crowd and get the euphoric (feel-good) feeling of facing your fears head-on. 

You need to see how Oprah Wilfrey felt before walking on those coals. She almost said she  couldn’t do it.  She could picture a burnt feet and didn’t want to have that any soon. But Tony’s and some folks wouldn’t give up on her. In fact, Tony requested more hot coals be added. 

Boy, you need to see her face now. She felt like the cup should be passed over her. She couldn’t take it. But the crowd and Tony continued cheering and then…. 

She took the first step…. 

And in no time, she was done. She broke the record. She got the feeling. She joined the happy crowd who faced their faces.

Woo-hoo! She laughed. Tony congratulated her. Now, I know you think this is some kind of risky play. Maybe. Maybe not. That’s not where I want us to focus on. I want to show you how to put hot coals on your clients and prospects’ feet. In fact, if you make it really hot (like they did with Oprah), they will walk fast, meaning they will buy fast. 

Tony knows the best way to get people to intentionally set their bare feet on hot coals is to…

Make them see the good and pleasurable results.

Make them hear the stories about folks who did…

Make them see people supporting the cause… 

And to make them take the first step to get to the pleasure (end point).

When I started analyzing why such moments are usually cherished and why people look forward to walking on hot coals, I realized that is total business psychology. 

Take a look at it this way. 

Your prospects want to get a result (a feel-good feeling). But to do that fast, they want to see what other people are saying about it (social proof). They want to see the results of they feeling they cherished in other people. 

But, they wouldn’t take action to act fast if you didn’t put hot coal on where they are standing. In business, you don’t  necessarily have to look for real hot coals to make this work, merely using URGENCY will trigger them to action. 

Urgency is best used when it is tied to a PLEASURE (Gain) or PAIN (Loss)

If you don’t take action now, you will lose the feel-good felling those folks are having. 

If you don’t take action now, you’ll miss the bonuses worth $250,000

If you register this week you get to keep bonuses worth x amount.

If you purchase these products within x period, you’ll be claiming an additional y bonuses.

If you get x products between now and x period, you’ll get bonuses worth y bonuses.

One more thing… 

Urgency is more effective when it is garnished with sincerity. If you’ve got limited stock, let them know you’ve truly. Don’t just paint every of your offer with “limited stock available” because you want them to act fast .You see, soon enough they would know that your urgency (deadline) is always not real. In that case, their responses will be minimal.

So, if you going to put coals on your prospects feet, ensure it is a sincere one. 

Talk later.