From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: How To Stay Awake To Work Out Your Project Even If You’re Dead Tired

Does this guy ever get tired?

That was exactly the question ringing in my head that day. I was in his room with some of his friends to prepare for an exam.

We have been having back to back tutorials almost every night because our exam was pretty close by. But every now and then, I catch this guy glued to his laptop either creating a presentation slide or working out something on excel spreadsheet. Obviously, he was busy pushing his agriculture company.

I slept and woke and there was this guy still with his PC working his ass out.  And after a while, he would take his academics books and study. He was a good student by the way. And that was the most impressive thing of all. 

How is he staying awake despite being grossly tired?

What’s his secrets? 


Some days, I will have a conversation with him about this motivating factor. Other days, I will ask some of my friends with similar attributes. 

They all had different things as their motivating factors, but I got the point. They all started with…


Yeah. You must have heard about this “start with why” buzz flying all over the internet. Or perhaps, maybe from Simon Sinek’s book – Start With Why.

I believe the “Why question” is the most important of all. It is the driving force. It is what keeps you awake when others are asleep. When you feel like giving, what do you do? 

Great. You got it! You start with WHY. You see, nobody likes hard-work. The brain hates labour. But you need this to grow your business. You need this to smash a goal, so what do you do…

You list your WHY’s…

List at least 5 Why’s to convince your brain. Your brains won’t support you long enough if you don’t provide it with enough reasons. 

Go on platter your reasons on your office wall, your home, your wardrobe,  your whasapp,… any place you see often.

You can even go a step further by recording your reasons with your phone or PC. Have it handy. Whenever your brain tells you to rest or sleep, play the recording.

Did you get that?