From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT LINE: I Have Never Wooed A Lady Live After That Day….

Don’t worry… You’re not alone. I haven’t wooed a lady live as well more than 1 times. That may get you laughing and surprised. But that’s the truth. 

Well, maybe because man changed his priority for something else. But I still remember the first experience I got when I first tried wooeing a lady live. 

It was very crazy. Want to hear it?

I had always been this people’s guy. Ladies somewhat like me, but I hardly have a share affection for them. One day, while discussing with a friend, I challenged him that I would get a lady to my lover. He doubted me. 

Somehow, I was convinced that I would get the girl because we had so grown fond of each other. We sit close to each other with our asses kissing.  We solved Mathematics and brainstorm other subjects together. I sometimes spot that she had feelings for me. But I was not too sure because she had a boyfriend. 

“But she just broke up with one not quite long” I reminded myself. “That means she may agree to my request. Who knows she may not really like her new boyfriend”

It was a Friday and I had been building my feeling and courage to tell her straight up why I would like her to be more than a friend to me. You know how young guys of these days use such words. Sometimes, it makes me laugh. 

So, Friday night, I chatted her up via WhatsApp, disclosing my feelings 🙂

“Hello…. I have been feeling…..” I composed my message. Then, I hit the send button. (Those days, there was no way you could delete a sent message without the recipient seeing it. That was around 2014)

Thirty minutes later, no reply 

5 hours later, no response. 

Apparently, she wasn’t online.

I waited….

The next day (on Saturday) I still got no reply. In the night, she read my message, but she still didn’t reply .

On Sunday afternoon, I was pissed off. Then, I did what is considered completely unethical and unprofessional when it comes to engaging in a relationship. I sent her a message with a caption similar to this…

“Please let me know if you’re not  interested….”

Then, she gave a “no” response. I knew my recent message triggered it because it was somewhat contradictory to the former, disclosing my feelings and why I would like her to be my lover. 

She got to tutorial on Monday. I almost froze. I couldn’t look into her eyes. I was dead shy. I was all calm throughout the lesson. It was there, I got to know she had been I’ll.

After about 2 hours, everybody was headed straight home. We were about parting when I told her that I couldn’t disclose my feelings live because I was shy. She smiled and said nothing. But I got the point. 

And since that period, I have used that lessons from that event in my business (I want you to pay attention here). 

Imagine, if I had reframed my text into an apology of not checking up on her or knowing she was sick, it would have been easier. I could still find a place in her heart.

Imagine if I had asked her for her reasons instead of just typing “okay”, I could have answered her objections.

Imagine if I had not disclosed my feelings via text, I could have got a rather positive note. 

And that’s it amigo.

Not all sale can be made via text, some you need to change the environment to reach your objective. Use or schedule calls or live meeting to close clients on High ticket products or services. 

When customers say no, ask for their reasons. 

Is it the price? 

Aside from the price, what could make you get this?

What do you need to see in place to make this interesting to you?

By the way, it is about 6 years now.  I have not woed a lady live. A female friend thinks I still can’t go face to face with a lady and convince her of my feelings. She claims relationship is not business dealings.

Do you believe her?

Talk later.