From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: I Stopped Trusting People

I looked at him with gross disappointment spelling over my face. “How could you?” I muttered.

I almost felt like informing a military friend to get that guy to smell his butt. I pulled my phone out, about to dial his number… 

Then, my brain painted a picture of what could happen to the person afterwards. Fine, he would be dealt with, he would learn his lessons… but what if he died from the thorough punishment? 

Hmm… I put my phone back into my pocket. We settled it, but it left a scar in me. I still go around with my big eyeballs identifying cracks in business processes and fishing out insincerity. Not only that, I barely trust people now, until the trust is earned. Don’t blame me. I will tell you what happened….

That day, I took my PC to the engineer for repair. It had just develop a recent overheating problem. We discussed and agreed on the price. Then, he (the engineer) took my PC and promise to return in 30 minutes after repairing it. I was a bit worried because I have had about tales like this and even got second hand experience. 

Well, I shove off that feeling because I had had a nice experience with the engineer previously.  It was about time, I saw the engineer coming to where I was. 

“Oh, cool. Glad he kept to his word” I thought. 

I took my PC. Didn’t bother testing it because he gave me his assurance. I paid him and was headed straight home.

(At home)

I was so happy to have got my PC back in good condition. I started operating it and then… 


It went off by itself exactly the way it does whenever it overheats. Disappointment started welling up in my face. I dialled his number, but he was picking. So I got my bag and was headed to his office.

(At his shop)

He apologized for bit picking his calls. He got started loosening the screws of the PC and started his technical work. Well, my eyes were fixed at everything he did. I wanted to know if he would tell a lie or amend something I could have probably done myself.  After a while dusting the fan of my PC from the side, he looked at me…

“I wanted to tell you. When I opened your PC, I did not see any RAM here. It’s the RAM that is causing it. I have one at home, will bring it for you tomorrow”

I smiled, while playing in my head the words he spoke. I asked him…

“Can RAM affect overheating? Besides I know of laptop with smaller RAM and are working perfectly fine. I use a 4gb RAM on my PC, which is relatively enough. Plus, I have used this PC for 2years now with no issues. Aside from the time, I came to repair my hard-drive, no one has ever opened this laptop, except you today.”

“That means, there is no way I could tell that a RAM is missing in that slot. All I know is that it is a 4gb RAM”  I continued. 

I could sense discomfort in him. Nevertheless, I kept mute, while he continued working. 

He kept doing whatever he felt will make the PC worked. We tested it and then the same issue. Time was traveling fast. I had spent 2 hours plus there. I felt like coming the next day, but I couldn’t take the risk of leaving my PC with him since I had that one of the RAM was missing.

“Please can you come back tomorrow . I would sort it out by then. You can take your PC and bring it the next day or drop it with us.”

Obviously, my response was to take my PC and returned. Everything seemed normal. I was about leaving, but decided to confirm my RAM memory if it was still in check.

” Now, you’re kidding me.” I blurted .”This is 2gb RAM here. How come? I have got 4gb RAM before I came here” 

Long story short. He sincerely apologized for un-inserting the RAM. He was very disappointed… And that’s why I am telling you. Beyond that, I want you to look at every prospect as though they have got this kind of experience. They have been disappointed in the past by many business owners or sales persons or some technocrats. Now, their shields is raised up with objections. They are scouting for every lie. They wouldn’t believe your offer. They  wouldn’t believe in your product or services easily because of their experience. 

At this point, don’t act as though their experience doesn’t count. You want their sale, right? And to get their confidence, you’d need their confidence and trust. 

Take this advice from me. Before meeting any prospect assume that they have got several objections that would make them say no to your offer. 

List the objections.  List ways to which you will answer them. This could be… 

Giving free trial or demo

Making them see and test it themselves.

Taking them to the production site.

Showing them reviews and testimonials

By the way, If you were me what would you do to that goddamm Engineer after realizing he is a big cheat?

Talk later. I have got to wear this no-trust face because I am about meeting a sales person. Ha ha! 

See you in the next letter.