From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: How To Buy Email Lists Without Buying It Directly


You have probably heard it several times that the real money is in the list. And that’s not a lie. It is a God-honest truth.

And believe it or not, it is one of the major reasons why I don’t get disturbed about creating a new product because I have a ready list that will buy from me.

You see, when many folks hear things like this, the next thing that comes to mind is to buy a list. That was exactly what I did. I bought a 20,000 list, hoping to blast into millions very fast, but it wasn’t as responsive as I expected. In fact, I got thousands of bounced-mail.

Although I made little cash from the list, but it can’t be compared with the sales I would generate if I owed 20,000 email subscribers. I know how tiring it can be to create a list that size. But it’s worth it because your list is one of your most reliable investment. 

Since I couldn’t make out a good sale from my bought 20,000 list, I kept wondering how I would be able to buy list (that is, get to ideal prospects) without necessarily buying it. And then the next day, I logged to my gmail account as a custom to check if I have got messages. 

And then, I noticed something that I have not paid attention to. I saw someone do what I intend doing in the mail I received from Agora Financial Publishing.

This company bought a list without necessarily buying it. 

What did they do? I will tell you, but before then, you can’t sit there, looking at your phone or PC screen, without a pen and a book. I don’t have to remind you about this over and over. Now go get it! 

I am waiting….



You’re back? Okay, great.

So, yeah. Where were we? 

Okay. I said you can buy a list without necessarily buying it. How do I mean? 

*By renting a space there.  (It’s important you buy a solo-ad. Solo ads are simply singular mail about your offer without any other distracting prospects)

Remember I didn’t say buy the list, rent a space there. Let them post your content to their active list as a solo-mail for that day (time). By the way, don’t do this if you haven’t subscribed to the list you want to buy. Be an insider first. See how they treat their lists. 

*By getting the list owner be your affiliate. This is similar to the first one. Just that this time around, you wouldn’t be paying a dime to the list owner until sale is made. 

Let me tell you one sneaky secret, many top experts, irrespective of their income and status, will not mind promoting your offer to their sphere of influence provided it is good and it earns them cash alongside as an affiliate. 

I have got some experts that are affiliate for my products.

Go apply this secret in your business. It works for any business. Always remember who your ideal prospects are, and where to locate them. 

Talk later,