From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: What To Do If You’ve Got No Testimonial And You Need Your Clients’ Trust.

Don’t blame them. They have got series of experiences and exposures…
Many of which were bitter. Yeah, you heard me right. Extremely bitter.

I remember getting a product that I couldn’t draw out the benefits from it. Not only was my money wasted, but my time. 

I believe you probably must have been disappointed as well from getting a product or service that didn’t meet its claim. And many a times the business, the ones with the highest returns and complaints are the new entrants. 

Perhaps they are still mastering their crafts or understanding how to make better products. Whatever thr reason, prospects are pretty tired wasting their sum on something they could have got at a better quality at probably the same price. 

This is one reason their antenna of objection keep dangling on their fore head, while their eye keep watching for any trigger that would make them spot you as a new entrant or newbie. 

“But everybody will have to start from somewhere, right?” Yes. You’re correct. But some prospects don’t understand. We can’t blame them, their experiences have taught them a lot.

So what should you do? 

Will you like I shoot you the bullet points so you can get the steps faster? Ehn? Okay, great.

One, take their risk. (Don’t let them pay a dime until they are shown or could feel what your offer is)

Two, offer free samples (free trials, free demo, free masterclass, free taste…)

Three, give them warranty (promise to refund them if there are not satisfied)

That was fast, right? 

I got to go. I need to prepare for a zoom call I will be having shortly with Dayo Adetiloye. It’s a free one, but strictly for network marketers. Here is the link to register…

See ya!