From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Scrap Adjectives!

I couldn’t help the disturbing thoughts going on in my head about the relevance of owing a list and nurturing it. Fine, I was building my list already. But that day, I decided I was going to take a different route… 

Perhaps a faster route. I contacted a list broker and was ready to buy 20,000 recent buyers of JVzoo products from him. 

I quickly made payment to him, letting our some little evil smile on the money that would hit my account shortly after making sales. I calculated….

Even if I sell a product of 1000 naira and a thousand of them buys, I would hit a million naira. 

What if just 10% buys, that would be #200,000.

I was really excited I am going to make a quick fortune from email marketing. I got the list and was ready to test, just then the list broker wanted to upsell me his coaching programme. Well, I had read and had some successes in email marketing already because I know how to get them to open my mail and make them click. So I started asking him questions…

Including how beneficial his coaching will be…

His testimonials….

His previous works and proof of successes.

Well, I was disappointed. 

He didn’t answer any of my objections irrespective of how often I placed it to him. All he cared was probably using some adjectives. And boy was he good. 

“It will show you the little sneaky secret to make dull list become a thriving fast responder”

“It will convert a sleeping cold prospects into an active and fan of your products. And rake you crazy cash from just an email” 

(Not exactly what he said. But contextually, yes)

I wasn’t satisfied. Adjectives are words that wouldn’t do anything until your prospects become secure of his intention in taking an action…

I told him to answer my questions… But he kept skipping it. And said something that almost cracked me up. 

“As you see, I am very busy. I don’t have time to locate those testimonial” 

I sighed. Alas! a demonstration of what many people think of sales people.

You see buddy, adjective is not enough. You need more back-up compel your prospects to make a sale. In fact, the best sales people use less adjectives.

Show your prospects what they would get.

Take their risk

Make them secure.

Make your offer an incredible bargain.

You don’t have to be a poet to convince your prospects, just talk about what matters to her in the best way she understands. 

Stay safe.