From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Shoot me the crazy Bonuses!

It was that night, 15 minutes after 9, I was in my room alone with my phone. The light was turned off. The only thing illuminating the phone was the light from my phone. 

I had been thinking of how to understand the internet business to generate sales. Each thought I had was challenged with many objections including…

-Not being a techie.

-Coming from a medical background.

-Not knowing jack about Facebook ads and all.

While fighting this thought in my head, I remembered something… It was like a spark. I was reminded of learning about the 3G’s of making good success.




Hmm…. Okay. I have got God as my backup :), I have written my goals… Oh, there is something I haven’t done….

Looking on the internet to get solution. I went on Google and started using keywords in my search to pull relevant contents out. And soon… I saw a training by an internet marketer exposing his secrets in a course. His course was a little on the high side, but I sure needed to get my years on his 10 years plus experience, so I had in mind the goal to get the book before the deadline…. 

So I saved the page and wanted to return. 2 days later, I was ready to make purchase. I checked my phone for the saved page, I couldn’t find it. 

“Perhaps, I didn’t save it” I thought. Nothing in my browser history as well. “Oh, someone must have cleared my browser memory” 

Well, I have got a major concern here of meeting a deadline for the course, so I didn’t beat myself up over a lost browser memory. 

“Yes!” I got the spark again. 

“Let me check the internet with some key words”

Almost instantly, I saw several results… 

I clicked on the first one and it was different from the one I watched the other time. I checked the contents of this website.  Thus has got a better offer. Loading me with bonuses about 10X the course alongside. 

I was shocked, but happy! I needed to be sure, so I went back to check other pages… A lot of different websites had the course on it, but none of them had a mouthwatering bonus like that one. 

You got it. The internet marketer has got many affiliates and I wouldn’t be so lame to get from an affiliate who is giving me no bonus, so literally, as I was writing my bank details to complete the payment, I was almost singing in my head…

“Shoot me the bonuses”

“Shoot me the bonuses”

Woohoo! In no time it landed on my mail after payment. 

You see, almost everybody likes bonuses. Almost every body, including your prospects, wants to get more  for less. They want to spend a thousand naira to get things worth 10,000 naira in value. Understanding this greedy mentality will help you create irresistible offers.

Irresistible offers are like those offers a seductress give to you or what some people call the “devil’s offer”. You know when people give excuses and blame the devil for luring them. 

“It was the devil that caused it”

“It’s the devil’s work”

Ha ha! You’ve probably heard that a lot. I repeat: one way to make your offer irresistible is to stack your offer with bonuses. That makes your price an incredible bargain. Make your prospects know that they are getting more for less. 

Get relevant and complementary bonuses and shoot them. Don’t give what you can’t sell. This means don’t give what is not valuable.

So buddy…. 

They are greedy and don’t forget that. Shoot them bonuses to trigger them.