From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: How To Speak To Members Of Different Countries

When I was very interested in building my profile as a speaker I was focused on getting speaking engagements. I stuck to the popular axiom that says… 

If you want to learn how to swim, then go the swimming pool. 

And yes, I pushed for many of engagement, so as to beat stage fright, impact a larger number of persons; and get some gigs along the way.

There were many speakers coming up each month and I needed to distinct myself as a trainer. So I thought of getting better speaking engagements with top experts and from other countries.

Somehow, the opportunity played itself out. I stumbled on an inter-country business group on Facebook. I got in, and started observing what runs in the group. I saw their chats, identified their strength and noted their area of improvements….

After taking close observation like an inspector, I inboxed the admin, introducing myself, complimented his works and talked about what I have observed in the group for the past few days. 

I went on to tell him I could help the group achieve x goals by training them on sales. He agreed. And that was it. 

I got to be one of their best guest speakers. Plus, I got the opportunity to sell my products over there and draw some of the audience from the group to my funnel.

Here’s what to do if you didn’t see a group like that.

Search keywords of your niche on google, then place the word “group” or “communities there.

Sales funnel communities

Sales funnel groups

Weight loss groups

Personal development groups.

Then try to hop in to observe what runs there. 

After a while, you would have been hinted what the group members’ interest is, their complaints, challenges and desires…

Then propose to the admin or host your intention to help his member achieve that goal by taking them on x training. Plus, ensure you let the host or admin know if you’d be selling a product or not at the end of the training. This makes you more credible for subsequent dealing with you.

One more thing…

If you couldn’t access the groups, then focus on the head. Locate influencers and experts with communities, group for entrepreneurs (your target people) then follow the same process…

Make research

Get into the group

Observe their needs and position yourself as someone willing to contribute to help the members (Every host or admin needs the best for her members)

Inform her if you’d like to sell your products to her.

Try it my friend.


To your first international speech engagement!