From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: 4 Words To Use To Bypass Gatekeepers Of Your Prospects

Those goddamm assholes like acting as though they are the boss. They throw you questions and challenge every call with the annoying…

Who you?
Who are you from?
Where do you come from?
How do you form?

And guess what? if you don’t answer them appropriately they can hamper your progress of sealing the deal with your prospects. 

Today, prospects, because of their busy schedules, have got gatekeepers placed everywhere.
They have them as their personal assistants, office assistants and even real gatekeepers. These guys are the ones that pick their calls and set schedules. 

And to some extent, it is almost everyone’s desire to have someone who could take care of some little things that so they could focus on important tasks.  This is good to them, you know. But may not be good to you because you wouldn’t have direct access to your prospects without going through those gatekeepers.

What if you could access your prospects by saying some proven 4 words. I first caught this in Leil Lowndes – How To Talk To Anyone. Plus, I used it when trying to connect to an expert and I wanted to skip through a lot of protocols from the gatekeeper, so I said the 4 word… 

And wo-hoo! I got access to him on phone. You see, if you don’t know this 4 words you would struggle with getting across to them, irrespective of your familiarity with them. But stay brisk 🙂 (I borrowed that word from a friend.) I will show you now.

It is…?

Ha ha! 

You want it. And you can’t wait. Breathe in and out. But hey! Don’t be surprised that these four words are very simple., but contains some silent psychology. I will tell you now, but first…

Don’t want act or talk like a stranger if you know the person and he knows you. Don’t even start your introduction with… 

“Hello. This is Ortega. I am a direct response copywriter. Am I unto XYZ company?”

Don’t do this, you will subconsciously remind the gatekeepers of their jobs… Instead, act like an insider, the way friends and partners communicate and say these simple four words.

Is She Around Now?

Is He Around Now?

Then, they will almost feel you have a closer rapport to their boss and they will treat your call in esteem. Give them your name, explain why you need to get across to their boss.

Make them your friend. Don’t fight them or argue with them. Get them to hint you when their boss is around or when is best to call back.

Try it. This four words… Or better put, three words (Is she/he around) work almost every time…

Stay brisk 🙂