From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Aim And Don’t Shoot

I know this is odd from all you have heard about aiming and shooting. Well, I made it a little controversial to catch your attention. That is one headline secret I will teach you soon.

Nevertheless, aside from catching your attention with that, there is another reason why I said that. This is very important. I need you to escape from every distraction. 

It’s normal to shoot after aiming, but I don’t want you to shoot first. Think of a typical salesperson who lists several prospects to cold-call each day and he gets a result of less than 10 yeses to hundred. It sometimes get worse… Some days, he gets nothing. No positive response. 

He keeps aiming and shooting his plans without an important strategy I am going to talk to you about. 

And he is not alone, several business owners run their businesses like hunters. They plan on the catch they want, go to the forest, locate and cool spot to aim and then, they shoot. 

The animal is down! They rejoice and take their catch home. And then, when the meal has been thoroughly consumed, they go the forest again to hunt. 

The day where no animal fall victim to their traps and gunshots, they go home hungry. And that’s why I keep telling many businesses owner not to shoot first after aiming. 

Instead of shooting, do this…

Aim …… Lure …… Shoot……. Nurture ……. Shoot…….. Nurture…… Shoot….

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look familiar to you at first.

Aiming is where you target who your ideal prospects are. It’s about knowing them.

Lure is a strategy to get them into your environment you own (funnel/email list) and in exchange you give them a gift (webiner, mini-course, book, report….)

Shoot“. This is where you show your prospects a low-ticketed item on your thank-you page…

Nurture“. From your email marketing platform, you send mails to build rapport and add value to them.

Shoot“. Now, your prospects are now familiar with you, and you’ve also got them in the traffic you own (your email list) and then you keep shooting them good products one in a while.

By the way, email list is one of the most reliable way to grow a business online. Facebook, Google, Instagram and whatever social media could create a new policy that would affect your business. 

They could restrict access to your users. They could put a (higher) price to their advertising or your using their platform. Whatever. While you keep growing your followers across different social networks, don’t forget that email list is the most reliable source of storing your prospects data. It is yours for life until the unsubscribe or you stopped using email marketing. 

Now, I believe you can see why you shouldn’t just shoot without planning to lure, and nurture them.

By the way, if you’d ask me what profession I would recommend you learn business from, I would say a Farmer. I will write a letter on this.

Talk later.