From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: I Can’t Believe He Used His 250,000 Naira He Got Just To Buy iPhone 11X.

iPhone 11 just hit the market with their sleek promotion. Almost everybody is talking about the 3 cameras and other intriguing features. It was the phone almost everybody cherished having.

And before long some folks started moving around with flashy iPhone 11X. Boy it got many eyeballs. Some persons were calculating how they will meet their uncles and aunties to give them that sum or iPhone 11X as a gift.

A friend did that successfully and then started looking for someone to buy his barely 2 months old Samsong A 70. He has got this habit of going for recent flashy things…

And one day, a report leaked into my class WhatsApp group…

 X company is finally going to pay their scholarship to students. You need to see the celebration around many students’ face. To some, the money is as good as spent. Well, I wasn’t necessary happy for obvious reasons. I was no recipient of any scholarship.

The next 2 weeks or thereabout, successful recipient received their alerts….

#250,000 gbam!

One of my classmates quickly withdrew his money and headed straight to computer village, Ikeja Lagos to get this flashy iPhone 11.

Boy! It was sleek. His friends cheered him. But while it wasn’t bad to get an iPhone 11X, I shook my head at the many people who are suffering from what I’d like to call shiny object syndrome. 

And for obvious reasons, business owners and marketers will not tell their prospects about this syndrome. In fact, they will go ahead to ensure their products are more shiny and sleek..

Hold on. Why am I telling you this? Can you guess?

For some crucial money reasons. I

 want to bring to your notice the importance of killing the syndrome by planning your money. You see, the moment you don’t plan for your money, someone has planned for it.

Don’t be surprised to see someone or something with a magnet to pull your money from your pocket to their account. I remember falling prey to this. Something somewhere will just crop up requesting some cash… And before long, I realized I was broke.

Boy I made x figures last month…

And that’s relatively high… So how come I became broke. I wasn’t a wasteful spender.

Then, I started analyzing the WHY’s and within minutes, I was able to fish out the reasons… 

Oh. From that day, I started labelling my money. I had budget for almost thing. I don’t jump on things I don’t plan. I think you should do that.

This is for shopping…

This is for travel…

This is for refueling my car…

This is for buying some plots of land or buying a house or paying a rent

This is for paying my children fees

This is for investments…

One more thing…

Never go to a shop or market without a budget. This will help you from the shiny object syndrome. Always have everything written down in the pages of your little book or notepad.

To your killing that goddamm syndrome!