From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: How Will You Spend #100,000 If That’s All You Got?

This was the question I asked a group of persons some months back. I was so interested in knowing about their financial habit and interests.

Of course, it would be way easier to say #1,000,000, but let’s bring in closer and let’s spike the tension.

When I asked them this question, they were all looking at me, thinking in their heads how well they would spend it.

Someone said he would buy a laptop and suit for an event. 

Another said he would buy a new iPhone.

The list gets going on and on…

Some were reasonable. Others were totally disastrous. I almost laughed when someone said he would buy barbecue (suya). That’s really crazy, you know.

Well, but truth is, many said they would rather save their money until they have got a better option to use the money or invest.

I respect all their choices, so I felt I should ask you…

How will you spend yours if that’s all you’ve got?

Go on, write it on a sheet of paper and send your comment to the Facebook group.

See you on the group!