From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: Pay Your Clients And They Will Give You More Clients


When I first heard this I was shocked.

“You mean I should pay them?”

That was the question ringing in my head.

“How do you mean pay them?”

“Aren’t they supposed to pay me several times”

Well yes. After going through the strategic session with one of my mentors, I realize paying your customers is one of the best decisions you can ever make in business. I know it looks strange to you. But when I show you what a mentor described to me, you’d be shocked at what this simple advice can do to your business.

Let’s start off with this. When you get a nice product from a store and you get several compliments about how attractive that product looks, will you be willing to refer your friends to the place you got yours. 

Of course yes. And when your friends get to the store, what will they say? 

-Are you sure this product will be as attractive as the one I saw?

-What is the proof that this product is authentic?

Of course not. They would ask fewer questions because your recommendations have silently answered their many objections. 

How about this… 

You received a service from a business and it increased your sale to over 100% in less than 2weeks. You told your friends about it and they are now flocking around to get similar services from that business. And guess what? Because you’re not getting paid, you won’t tell anyone about the results you got until they ask you. 

That’s simply logical, right? 

Now, let’s turn the table around a bit. You’re the business owner with amazing products and services. You give customers sleek results they are proud of. Your customers, based on goodwill, refer you to their friends. 

Now like every human, they wouldn’t do it until asked by their friends or by you. 

What if you don’t just want to ask like many people will do, you want to take it further by making them your affiliate, where you give them some percentage of the sales as well? That would make it more compelling. 

Note this…

The best kind of affiliates you can ever have are your customers. They have experience the results many prospects want to have. They save you the time of answering several objections…. 

What’s more? 

You’re not risking a dime as you’d only pay them on every successful order. That makes business more interesting. I do this almost every time and the results are pretty amazing. 

Try it out amigo..