From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: How To Make A High-End Client Want To Give You A Big Deal Within 20 Minutes Discussion

We all know the benefits of what a deep pocket client can do to our bank account.

They are less stressful, more results-focused… But sometimes difficult to get because they have got standards, you know.

If you can’t meet that standard then you won’t get any close to sealing the deal with them.
I think I got a good glimpse of the secret when Bankole Williams shared it in a teleseminar.
He told a story of how he went to a High-End prospect’s office.
He waited in the office but his eyes suddenly fell on an artiste work.
He looked at the other end of the office, he realized his prospect is a big fan of art and that artiste has been a big-time client to him.
You know like many artistes will have their signature on their works. He quickly looked up the artiste on internet and started reading about him.
He was amazed at the artiste work and perhaps contemplated getting the artist to make a portrait of him. But soon, he was called in by his prospect and he saw several of that same guy’s painting in his office.
Quickly he contemplated the man’s love for art.
And that was the standing point for him. They continued and the man spoke about his love for the artist work.
“Yeah, He is really good”
“You know him?”
“Yes” (obviously, he wasn’t wrong because he met him few minutes ago on the internet)
And the prospect suddenly feels like he is talking to someone he could instantly trust because it is associated with someone he knows, likes and trust.
That’s the power of association.
To get high-clients, you need to create association to something they know, like and trust.
It could be their vision…
Some persons they respect.
And they will sure yield to your request
You can get started in this by really studying your prospects. It is a shame to meet a prospect you know little about, let alone a High-End prospects.
Go online… Know more about them before having a live conservation with them.
See ya later?