From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: I Think My Problem Is Procrastination

That afternoon, I heard a knock on my gate… I wasn’t expecting a visitor so I waited a bit. Then, I heard it again.
I went to check it out and guess who I saw?

My buddy, Junior (not his real name). We greeted and I led him in. It has been a while since we chatted live or online. I believe our last discourse was about 2 years. 

We were both glad seeing each other. So we started discussing about many things…  Life, business, projects…

After a while, he said…

“Ortega I think my problem has always been procrastination”

“I have created many works on sheets of paper. Written many goals but after a few days the motivation seem to dry out. I don’t know what else to do.”

I looked at him, I could feel the sincerity glittering over his face, and then I replied…

“I understand. You see, a lot of people feel motivations are short term pills. And they aren’t wrong. But each time, they say motivation couldn’t drive them to their goals after a while, and often ask them a question, I am about to ask you: How many times do you need to brush to prevent tooth decay?”

“Once for life? Of course not.”

“Twice?” No.

“365 days alone for life?”

No. You brush your teeth at least once everyday to have fresh breathe and prevent tooth decay. In fact, many people brush twice to three times a day.

That means if you have got to stay motivated on your goals, then you have got to do it brush up yourself every day.

And here’s one more: It’s true.

The brain hates work! It gives you a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t lift that pin.

Why bother?

Why stress yourself?

Every entrepreneur is catching fun now, so why bother?

You should be at home sleeping by now.

It keeps listing you many reasons. And if you can’t answer its questions, it will make you procrastinate again… and again… and again

Instead of saying your brain is overwhelming you with reasons not to take actions now…

Give it the WHY’s for your actions. Haven’t you forgotten that the instant we know the reasons for something we give it our immense respect act appropriately.

And that’s exactly what you need to do with your brain. The more whys you give to it, the more it realizes it doesn’t have to oppose you, but support you.

So go get your pen and book and list out 20 reasons why you should do something. The first 5 will be easy to list out. Don’t stop until you get to 20.



Then paste it almost every where you can see it and easily reach it. The more you do this, the more you will overwhelm your Brian with reasons and it won’t have a choice, but to support you.

One more thing.

Connect your actions to long or short term gain or short term or long term regrets.

Weigh them side by side and make your choice.

Okay, there is one more thing to know…

To stop procrastination immediately, set a plan and get started to do what you needed to do immediately. Turn off distractions. Consider the long term gain and regrets of not doing it… 

The moments you started thinking of whether to do a task or not, is the best time to take action and end procrastination. Go… Jump into that cold pool without thinking. Just do it.