From: Ortega Ogomigo
Lagos, Nigeria
SUBJECT: How To Get A Mentor Under 5 Minutes Without Paying A Dime

I was so overwhelmed by the trends on the internet about the importance of getting someone to mentor you.
Well, for some reasons, including not giving a vague excuse that my result is not at a peak because I have got no mentor, I am no a fan of “no-mentor-or-nothing” crew. That’s why I could make really cool results even without getting direct mentorship from people.

But then….

That day, in my room, I was taken aback to how I first got started in building my capacity.

Thank God I met a someone who decided he was going to mentor me. I had struggled with public speaking and communication, plus, I couldn’t point out my purpose and who I really want to become.… But after working closely with my mentor it became easier. I improved in public speaking, confidence, knowing who I wanted to become…

That was the first time I understood clearly the relevance of mentorship. I had been silently working on my public speaking skills for a year plus, but the moment I got two of his recommendation, my speed of progress went up sky-rocketed.

So after hearing the many trends on the internet about the relevance of mentorship, I laid on my bed analyzing my goals and who I could get to help accelerate me progress. But then, I was cut short by my thought. 

I don’t have 150,000 naira to pay for an hour consultation or $3000 to access his mentorship for a month. Then, I started looking back at how I got my first mentor, the second and others without paying a dime, 

I listed the strategies I employed then on my notepads. Made a few tweaks to it, then I worked out the behind-the-scenes of the strategies… 

Then, that day, I placed a call to him and in less than 5 minutes, I got access to his mentorship for free.

What did I do behind the scenes? Glad you asked. I will tell you shortly, but I need to point out this now. 

Perhaps due to the silent internet pressure on why it is necessarily to get an expert’s mentorship, many entrepreneurs stupidly request your mentorship as though you have got nothing to do with your time or you’re some Mother Theresa. Heck! mentoring is time-consuming, And this is one reason why many experts will rather get you to access their brain at x price. Aside from the monetary aspect, many supposedly mentees are not serious and ready to commit the time necessary to take action on experts recommendations and guidance. 

Again, this is another reason, why they wouldn’t like to do it for free. But how come was I able to them mentor me for free against all odds.


What I did was to change my radio station from…

WIIFM (What Is In For Me?) to WIIFT (What Is In For Them?)

I stopped focusing on me. I started looking for an expert I could help out achieve his goals while he helped me achieved mine. I kept checking over the internet. Then his name popped up. 

I look at it. Go straight to his website, understand what rocks there. I started following him on different social media platforms. I kept learning a lot about it and what I could do to benefit him. I kept at this until I was sure I had known him better than any every person. And then, I was ready… 

Pulled out his mobile number (I got this from my research) and called him. I spoke about him and how glad I was at the impact he is making (truly). And how I had been observing his other works and products from his website. Build rapport with him. Spoke a little about how his story inspired me. I went on to explaining a bit about my self. Told him my skillset level (build credibility) and why I could help him with his products for free. 

He was shocked, so he asked for my reasons. Well, I told him about my eagerness to add value to those that have impacted me directly and indirectly (His stories and projects are of immense value). And he exchanged, I would appreciate his mentorship and guidance. 

Then, he probably checked my profile on social media to know if he would like to associate with me… And then, he said yes. Very crazy, right? You can buy your way though life by focusing on the next person. 

Listen, your mentors or intended mentors are humans. They have got pains, fears, desires, frustration…. as well. In fact, many are looking for someone to help them save more time. But they wouldn’t say YES to your request if your intention is almost selfish (about you, your goals, and dreams). Plus, they wouldn’t say YES to your offer is they can’t spot you as being valuable. 

I want you to try the exact steps I took to getting many mentors for free. 

Try it. See ya buddy!