From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: How To Build A Reliable Source Of Income

It’s 5:40pm on July 4 2020, I was lying in my bed listening to Lecrae song “I’m A Saint” when I heard something interesting. Well, I just finished going through my WhatsApp to see if I have got any new message. Just then, I heard a whisper…

It was a very calm whisper that you’d probably not hear even if you are seated next to me. It was a whisper filtered into my eardrum…The whisper is what is making me write this letter to you today. It said….

“Tell your buddy about how to build a reliable source of income”

“Hmm” that’s interesting. I looked at myself…

Can I really discuss the topic with you when I just got off from being broke? I was thinking… And then, it occurred to me that the recurring saviour of my being broke is the reliable source of income that would help you if followed closely.

Want to know it? Okay, give me 50,000 naira and I will tell you.

Ha ha!

Come off it. I am just kidding. I acted like a friend of mine. That girl her way of disturbing one. I had a long night discourse with her yesternight and it was amazing. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you what we discussed. You don’t have to know.

Alas I drifted. Where was I? Yeah. I remember. 

I was talking about the secret that has always prevented me from getting broke…

It is this. Wait! Before I tell you, I want to be clear on something.

I didn’t invent it. It is what is helping Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (Microsoft),…. and any other smart entrepreneurs you know of today. 
It is this…

To build a reliable source of income you have got to have a list of your ideal prospects you own.

I mean you have got to have a pool of your prospects and clients at your possession. This can be their email addresses and even phone numbers.
The more you grow your list, treat it special, the more money you’d make. No sugarcoats.

I remember how my list saved me from being broke. I really needed to pay for something and I had run out of cash, so I thought of creating a quick product that will be relevant to my prospects. I did, made the offer irresistible and I got the money I was looking for.

Let’s get a bit serious:

If you have a website, and don’t have an opt-in form (where prospects can drop their names and email addresses) you are leaving lot of money on the table.

If you have a business and you don’t take inventory of your customers’ details, you are killing your business pal.

If you have a list but you don’t nourish your list, you’re also missing a fortune and you don’t know about yet

Yeah… I know prospects can be very selfish with email address. But you really want it, right? How about you trigger the greed in them and make it work in your favour by giving them a gift in exchange for their email addresses. This is known as lead-magnet. It is a hook you use to make them drop their details to you. Create a free report, course, webiner, audio-programme to capture their details in exchange. 

Then keep nourishing it by talking to them regularly and sending relevant beneficial information to them. 

Start building your list today. It’s a passport to saving you from being broke. By the way, have you ever wondered why Mark acquired Instagram? No, he didn’t get Instagram because of the interface, He got it because of the numbers of people there and the likelihood to get more people. All he could see in those little eyes of his is money in x time. Now, he makes money from giving you access to the 1billion plus people from ads…

The list is where the money is. Get started with any email marketing platform today – Mailchimp. Aweber. Constant Contact….

To your building list success!