From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos Nigeria

SUBJECT: How To Sleep More… Work Less…. And Make More Money

I don’t buy the idea of working longer hours than usual to prove that you’re an entrepreneur.

Fine, there is a place of working hard, which is good.

But hey…many people get the message wrong almost every time. Wealth doesn’t have to be you working 34hours in a 24 hours cycle.

I believe the richest folks are not the hardest worker. You would agree with me on that, agree? Look at those carrying heavy loads in the streets and you’d see what I mean. They work with their efforts, stress themselves and get stipends every now and then…

Sadly, many entrepreneurs are like that… They think working really round the clock will boost their ego. I know of a millionaire CEO who  burns his ass out with work. Every time, I catch him in a burnout state, I sigh because I know he isn’t working smart. And when he falls sick, it looks as though he would die any moment. Really, entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be all-stressful.

In this letter I will show exactly how to sleep more, work less and make more money.

Are you ready for it? I believe by this time I don’t have to tell you that you need to come with your book and pen? Go get them buddy!
Now you’re set. I like it when you are set, with your book and pen. Let’s begin…

There are some simple principles I need to pay attention to, but first let’s establish something…

You don’t need everybody to excel in your business, except you’re coca-cola of course.

You need to know your ideal prospects. Don’t know how they are? Click on this link to find out…

Now… Sleeping more, working less and making more money start from knowing where to focus your attention in. We already established that you don’t need everybody to be your clients. Focus on the top 20% that are your ideal clients and you won’t have to struggle anyhow. Here’ why:

They pay more. They are more results-oriented. They give you less stress. You see, when I learnt about foreign clients that pay minimum of $1500 to copywriters I stopped disturbing myself about getting many Nigerian’s clients.

In fact, I not only get irritated by copywriters who charge as low as 5000 naira, 15,000 naira per sales copy, I laugh at their ignorance… Well, when you ask them why they charge so low, they will tell you that gathering little pays to waiting for one big thing.

Leave them. I don’t like persuading them. Even if they get 40 gigs in a month, my 1-3 clients have covered for it and I have got all the free time to attend an event, start or work on another company, watch TV… do something different entirely.

I believe you see where I am driving at. That means you’re following. Focus on the very few that would appreciate your offer. Less is more.


Pay attention to creating passive income in your business. Passive income pays you without your active involvement in them. Convert your knowledge into a product (book, course, programme…) that would pay you without you lifting a pin. If you ever have knowledgable at something that could help your prospects reach xyz goals, I recommend you stop selling your brain like an average teacher whose salary is dependent on active work hours. Sell it the right way by creating products. Make it automated. Promote. Promote. Promote. Then sleep and money will keep trooping in.

One more thing!

This is also part of passive income. Pilot an affiliate marketing programme or joint venture for your business that rewards anybody who brings you a client (your ideal client) 20-80% of the profit. This provides you a good leverage of tapping into the resources of your affiliates without paying them upfront. You pay based on performance (on every successful order or sales).

See ya in the next letter.