From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: How To Make Your Prospects Interested In Sending You Money Before They Ever Hear You

I logged onto my Facebook account that morning to check the number of reactions I have got on my recent posts. I hit the notification to find out…Well, I got 7! One on each post.

I was happy even though it was little. I checked the person’s profile to see who is. 

“He’s not even on my friend’s list.” I thought.

So, I hit my newsfeed icon again. And I saw Facebook messenger notification.

“Someone has just sent me a message”

Who could that be? Whenever I get a DM via Facebook, there are either two things. One, is a prospect inquiring about my products or services or someone thanking me for accepting his friend request.

I silently pray it was later one. I prefer getting such messages. And after opening my messenger, my guess wasn’t wrong. He sent a message inquiring the best way to learn copywriting. Perhaps, he searched copywriting or copywriter on Facebook and stumbled on some of my posts…

Then, he fell on my Facebook wall and saw some amazing contents there…
He has probably heard about Copywriting before then, but he needed more than a peripheral knowledge. He wanted to learn the craft.

We started chatting and I gave him several options to which he could learn copywriting…
And of course, recommended my high-demand book -The Faceless Selling to him.
He looked at the book, looked at the cool testimonials, considered the results he would be getting in x time if he applied the secrets in the book, then he sent money to my account.

And that’s not once… This happens sometimes. But wait a minute.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Well, for several reasons. Please pay attention.

One is to show you the power of Framing. Have you ever asked yourself why it is easy to pay 50 times the price of a cloth you get in a Dubai boutique to a Lagos Boutique.

Interestingly, the quality is the same. But heck you don’t care.  You have heard a lot about Dubai… The luxury lifestyle, the fine display of wealth, the country with the tallest building in the whole world…
One of the most-visited countries in the world…

And there you are with that information, you suddenly become hypnotized, ready to pull out your MasterCard and get that same clothes that you could have got for less than 50times.

You see, the reason why you don’t bother is because of the frame. Think about this….

Which pictures look valuable to you?
The ones in your picture gallery or the ones you framed and kept in your home.
It’s obvious, the later one of course. Framing increases the value.

Many a times, the reason you aren’t attracting high-ticket clients is because of your framing is not compelling enough. Your profile across different social media is not optimized. You don’t have testimonials hopping around your website. You don’t have valuable contents on your social media wall, website or blog. 

You see…

If you want to marry a Billionaire’s daughter, you wouldn’t go to his house with sandals, will you?
This is the same reason why Bankers dress sleek and corporate…

Upon entering the bank, you instantly trust them with your money. Imagine if it were the other way round…

You walk to the bank and you can see a tattered banker with rumpled shirts and uncombed hair.

Will you like to deposit your money there? You’d probably resort to going primitive where you could hide your money in a hole in the ground somewhere. 

One secret why I charge high on my copywriting services and other services is because of framing.

Starting as an international copywriting trainer, having trained over 5000 entrepreneurs from 47 countries…

On getting top experts as clients and get their reviews. 

On speaking on their platforms about Copywriting and Sales. 

Truth is, one would have thought I have got some 10 years experience in Copywriting. But I don’t for now. I just framed correctly.

Think about this…

How can you frame your business better to attract your ideal clients?
Is your frame affecting the quality of the clients you get?

Jot down your thoughts in your notepad and work out your frame. Now mind you, framing doesn’t mean telling a lie. That will kill your business faster. Framing is also not about faking it till you make if. 

Framing is taking appropriate action to increase the perception of your value, thus increase sales .without telling a lie. 

Got that?

Talk later!


P.S: I know you’re wondering what the other reason is for my telling you about how I get sales from my Facebook, I will tell you in the other letters. Keep your watch looking for it. Until then, go work on the frame I spoke of.