From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT LINE: The First Secret to Getting Better In Sales

Unlike many people, I struggled with communication for years.

I hardly talk to friends, let alone authorities. And when I do based on compulsion, I talk as though I have got bone stuck in my throat. I hated it when my friends laugh about the way I talk. 

A few years after graduating, I got talking with a friend and he casually asked about my relationship status. And I told him….  Could you guess his response? It was funny, but demeaning. He said…

“You were no fit talk”

Yeah. Those words got me thinking. If you came from a background similar to mine, where you struggled with speech, confidence and self-esteem, you would almost always run when it comes to sales.

Well, I did….  for long, until I got the first and most important secret of winning in sales. It is this…


Did you catch it? It is just a seven-letter word. It is E.M.P.A.T.H.Y. 

It means putting yourself in your prospects’ shoes, seeing through their eyes and hearing through their ears. Once I learnt that sales is not about me, but my clients and prospects, I stopped focusing on me… How I sound, to how my prospects will understand me clearly…

Jeff Bezos prime business principle also centres around this. 

“Start with the customers and think backwards” 

This will help you know what to say, what product to give them to help them solve their problems, how to make them perceive the benefits of your offer…

Empathy is the watchword pal. Hold it tight. Write it somewhere in your heart. Make it your WhatsApp wallpaper. See it every day before going to your business or calling another prospects. 

Try it for 30days and watch the difference.