From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: Speak Less And Make Your Prospects Happy

How long do I need to keep telling people that you don’t have to open your mouth to communicate your intentions?

Ask anybody around who a sales person is, many will often say a guy who uses words to convince people to buy crap for the sake of just making money. He uses silent manipulation strategies and pressure tactic to lure them. 

They would also go on telling you that sales people have “sweet” mouth and they usually have their way with words. 

But the effect of these aren’t for long because now, prospects are smarter. In fact, saying many words don’t appeal to them again. They want to hear what x product or service will do to them in the most descriptive way possible without junks.

They want you to show them the results they would get. 

They want you to give them some real promises and guarantee that your product or services will drive their results. 

And not some big adjectives that some professors uses to write thesis… 

Now, don’t miss the point. Speaking less doesn’t mean removing important information when talking to prospect. It means removing junk. 

Focus on showing them testimonials, make them test your offer without risking a thing, make them come survey your work place to build trust. 

Speak less, and your prospects will be more convinced.