From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria.

SUBJECT: Don’t Just Write A Sales Copy!

I feel disgusted when people want me to just write a sales copy. They think because I can write it very fast that I should just write.

No! I won’t. I don’t work like that.

Only if you’re looking for a measly result… But, that’s what I hate giving to my client.

I can’t stop preaching this to some prospects looking for some sales copies with speed as those of light. They think because you could write a copy under 15 minutes to 1hour, that you should scribble something for their business very fast. 

Pal, listen.

It is expedient you don’t skip the research process. It is very important to writing an effective copy. Irrespective of your skills in being a playboy, you will be stoned by several disappointment and rejections if you don’t know the lady you are trying to approach. 

Is she engaged? Did she just break up? Is she a silent flirt? Is she tired of her previous relationship? 

If you don’t know all these, and more, it will be stressful winning that girl.

Know Your Prospects Buddy.

The other time in this letter -Finally Got You! – I exposed to you how knowing the thoughts running in the minds of your prospects will help you .know their pains, fears, desires, objections… will help you in attracting them and sealing the deal.

Type in some keywords on traffic sites where your prospects will most likely be. Come to think of it, there are over 4.57billion people on the internet today.  This means, you have to play with keywords and keyword phrases to find several of your prospects. 

Believe it or not, research is the bulk -about 60% – of writing any good copy. 

*Be a student of research. Check similar works of what you want to write about (Visit these two websites to fertize your brain –  and

Go on Google, YouTube, Online Communities, and places your places are flocking around. See their thoughts there. Note their pains, complaints , desires…

*Plan out the most dominant emotion you would like to trigger.

*Think through the subject and know the most important thing you’d like to communicate to your prospects.

*Be an insider. See what your prospects see, hear, feel…. by signing up to the most likely newsletter they would be on, joining the groups… 

*Take a step further, be an investigator. Ask prospects questions, interview the customers, see your prospects business processes (if possible, feel the way they do business by getting their products, using it… going to their company to see how they run their daily activities)

You see, the goal is to know so much about the “prospects” (those you want to take actions on your copy) more than they know themselves. 

Yeah. That’s what I mean by “not writing a copy yet until you have thoroughly researched your prospects and product or service”

There is a girl I met recently in church. She looks really classic and she sure got my eyeballs… not only because of her attractive shape and sexy look, but her composure. Yeah, I almost fell for it. In fact, you wouldn’t believe this, I have got her picture saved on my phone.

Will have a conversation with her soon. Oh, where was I? I had drifted 🙂 

I believe you caught value. 

See you later.