From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT LINE: How To Get Clients Even If You’re Just Starting Out Without Working For FREE

Many people think they would have to spend years working for free before they get clients.


That strategy isn’t bad, but I am not a fan of it.

Fine, there is a phase in every business process where you would have to work for free to buy your way up.

But sometimes when I look at how tiring that process can be, and how some persons can take advantage of you…

I feel like you shouldn’t go through that process.

When I first started in copywriting, I needed clients, but I also don’t want to work for free.  So I started thinking of a plan where I could save my time, plus attract clients without working for free. 

And then, I got the spark! 

Before telling you what triggered my memory, let me ask you a few questions….

*Are you good at your craft already?

*Do you know your prospects?

*Do you know where they are located?

*Can you drive in results for your prospects?

If yes, then it’s safe telling you these secrets…

When it comes to getting paid without working for free…. without testimonial… Here’re a few secrets to help you.

First, know that your prospects have got objections – including their experience of being disappointed by newbies in their business or crafts. 

Then, beat it by framing yourself properly as an expert. One of the easiest way to frame yourself as an expert is with publishing. Post relevant contents that will help your prospects. Do it and they will think of you as an expert soon enough.

After studying your prospects and knowing their pain points and desires, you can either choose to reach out to them and get them reach out to you, nevertheless take this pill with you… 

It is called P.P.R. I first heard it from Jay Abraham. It means…


Positioning (Giving more values than your competitors are probably giving, but are very important to your prospects)

Risk reversal.

You see almost everybody hate taking the risk in business…  Most especially prospects.

They don’t want to lose money again, get a bad product, or get disappointed by a quack service. This is why you see them silently begging for warranties or guarantees… You see them almost flocking around folks with warranties. 

And when I got this, that was exactly what I did to my prospect. I took his risk by saying something like…

“Don’t worry, you won’t be paying me a dime if I don’t drive you x results.”

“You could pay me x if I get you y result. But if I don’t, you owe me nothing”

Got that? 

Take their risk and you’d silent their feeling asking for reviews and testimonials and proven records.

Talk later.