From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria.

SUBJECT LINE: Finally Got You!

Have you ever played hide and seek game with your siblings or have you ever watched it being played? In move or anywhere. 

Let’s say you were part of those who played the role of the seeker. You went to a place to count some numbers with your eyes facing the wall, while your friends go hide in any unthinkable place.

And then you turned… The coast is clear as though they were nobody living around. You scanned with your eyes to pick any movement. And then, something told you to check a place….

You have probably seen that place about 15 times of your search. Nevertheless, you decided you are going to take a different move by lifting a obstacle there.

And then you heard a little sound and saw the obstacle move a bit..

You got closer and tip-toed.

And then you saw him still squatting in his hiding place. He hasn’t seen you yet.

“Boo! Finally Got You!” 

That game is really amazing especially if you’ aren’t the seeker. I wondered what fun you caught while growing up if you didn’t play hide and seek. 

Well, that’s by the way.

Today’s letter is centered on how you to fish out your ideal prospects.

Believe it or not, many businesses are still struggling because of not knowing how to fish their ideal prospects.

Name them…
Real estate…
Network marketing…

They spend a considerable sum of money to run marketing campaigns and they get next to nothing in return. So they keep wondering if the products or sales copy is faulty. They try another products or campaign or sales copy, but the results is still the same.

Does that sound familiar? 

Good. There is nothing like knowing who your prospects are before striking a campaign. It saves you time and money. In this letter I am going to tell you how to fish out them out, but first let’s start with some basics….

*Know that your prospects exist

*They have things running in their minds.

*They have issues, problems, fears and interests. 

Garnish that in between the hemisphere of your brain. Do it now. 

Next, put on a mindset that what we are about to do is to fish out some real people and not some mere demographic described with a dash (13-67years)

Okay. Enough of the preamble, let’s get straight to the point.

If you were your prospects, what will be your characteristics? 

>Will you be a male or a female or both?
>What will be running in your mind? (Let’s say you want to lose weight)

-How can I be attractive?

-I want to restore my self-esteem.

-I want to get eyes turned to look at me when I walk.

-I am tired of taking pills that don’t work (objection)

-Should I consider liposuction, but what if there is a weight loss plan that doesn’t require surgery?

-Is there a food that could make me lose weight.

-How can I lose weight fast.

-The doctor said I could die if I add another Kg. What can I do. I wish I could see as reliable weight loss plan

-I am afraid of losing my husband because my added weight has made me unattractive and shapeless

-I can’t even get up to my feet after sitting or lying in my bed. What if my children stop helping me?

-I am prone to diabetes and could die soon.

(Keep on listing them. It will provide you their many objections., fears and desires)

>What will be your objections? (Things you’d be interested in before considering an offer)
>What will be your interests, desires, fears….?
>How much do you think you earn monthly for you to afford products or services like that, considering your many expenses?
>What will be your name? 
>Will you be married by then or single?
>How old could you be then to afford the products or services?
>Where will you be spending your time? 

-Online in some weight-loss groups? Or some health groups? Or women support group?

-Reading some magazine or website articles or blog posts?

-Staying in some organizations or the gym?

-Following closely the daily posts of an influencer who have got the results you wish for.

-With some folks interested in losing weight as well.

>What will catch my attention? (Your Interests, Fears, Desires…)
>Lastly, what results will you be interested in having? 

Congratulations! I just walked you through on how to get your ideal prospects, so you shoot by putting yourself in their shoes… by acting as though you were them.

One more thing!

It’s easy to see their thoughts and locate them today using some key words and keyword phrases online. 

Lose weight

Liposuction solution.

Lose weight without surgery

Weight loss solution

Weight loss testimonial

Weight loss complaints


Got that?

Now go fish them out!