From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

SUBJECT: How To Make The Most Out As A Guest In A Webinar

It’s likely to get invited as a speaker in a webinar and not get the most out of it.

I have seen it all and experienced it countless times.

Once I was invited to educate over 250 entrepreneurs on copywriting.

After the speech, I was expecting that I would blow up in sales from my books and Copywriting gigs….

Yeah. I spent more time training the entrepreneurs that day to intensify the lure, but… 

Cricket happened…. After a 2hour plus training, 5 people sneaked onto my DM the next morning.

One requesting to get my book. Another requesting for my copywriting fee. And so on.

For the copywriting service, I gave them my price – #150,000  (that was then, it has changed a little though)… and before the prospects could reply, I saw that the host of the training is also throwing a crazy offer on his company copywriting services.

It was about 90% off the price I charged. I sighed. 

Suddenly, the prospects responded, “I think I will just go with what x is offering”

I smiled because I couldn’t have reduced the value of my services like that. But… I wouldn’t be making much of of my time since barely 2 persons paid for my book. 

Well, I stared analysing what I did wrong and what I could have done better. 


Perhaps .I could have known if my prospects (the audience in the group) were really ideal and have got previous interest in learning copywriting or using copywriting to boost their sales.

Or maybe the host diluted my effort by throwing in a competitive service. Well, the host have built stronger rapport with his audience and they to a large extent trust him more.

I was still thinking of the opportunity I could use to make the money I ought to have made back. And my goodness, it crept in…

The idea scrawled into my head. I almost burst into laughter because I was about to act out some secrets from the book, “Art Of War” by Sun Tzu. 

I quickly requested from the host of 5 minutes to quickly share something with this group that will help them.  Obviously, the audience were reverting on their assignments and I could see a lot of overlooked mistakes there… 

And I gave them insights, then showed them my freebie to capture their details. In order words, I took them from the traffic I don’t own to the traffic I owe by giving them an access to a report that will subsequently help them.

Since then, I had introduced many new offers to them, and sold more… 

You see, when invited to be a guest in a meeting, plan out your freemium offers to take away from their traffic to your environment (email list, WhatsApp broadcast list, Facebook list…)

Know your prospects. Who they are and their interests. Know their buying and purchasing behaviours by asking the host. Ask about their occupations or average income from the host (Don’t be afraid to ask. He would tell you). 

Tell your host exactly what you would do. You don’t want to take him by surprises. Tell him you would like to give them some free products and also sell your products at the end of the webiner. He would be bald because you’re helping his audience reach their goals.

And even if you don’t have anything to sell, give something for free that could capture their details.  

Again, if you don’t have a product you own, then you can sell a product you have verified the authenticity as an affiliate. Don’t just go empty and have nothing more to offer aside from your training.

One more thing….

Have a good pre-sell introduction. Yeah sometimes the Introduction you get before speaking could affect the response of your prospects afterwards. 

Tell the host to introduce you strongly. Better yet, have your introduction written or made in video or audio the way you want it and get him or her use it in introducing you.

I believe you understand what I just described.

To your webiner success!