From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos Nigeria. 

SUBJECT: I Hear Whispers In My Head

No. No.  Please help me!

I can’t take this anymore. I could feel the whispers fired into my brain.

That was exactly how I felt when I finished messing up myself in high school… in front of my juniors, the 9th time.  

I didn’t want to come to school that day, but somehow I couldn’t fish out enough reasons to persuade my parents. I literally dragged my feet to school that day. 

Well, we were all giving task to study some topics and present it in front of the school, like a professor will do to his students.

I hated such. And that was one strong reason I became a truant in high school, though subjectively smart. 

I got on the stage that day. It was my turn. Almost everybody had presented theirs. And trust me, my juniors blew my mind with their fluency and enviable public speaking skills.

I started with the usual manner of greeting… 

I tried… But nothing came out of my mouth… 

Oh. Alas! My speech impedient has promised to fail me again in the presence of the school. I snap my lips together to trigger the first few words…

“Ggg… Gg… Ggoo… Goood morning! everyone.”

“Good morning Prof.” They responded.

I could feel surprise in their face because I had been standing there for over 30seconds before I could let my first few words. 

Gosh! What am I going to do. I wish the ground to open to take me in. I can’t just face it. 

While contemplating within me, I heard what broke my line of thoughts…

It was the voice of my Principal, Mr Williams. 

“Tega, we don’t have all the time!” He shouted.

I took a deep breathe, then I continue… 

“Today. I will be taking you on Climate (Geography). Climate is…. d…d…d…d…. average atmospheric…..”

I continued, hut it wasn’t for long, when I was halted and directed to kneel at the side. 


I hated such moments. Being flogged not because you don’t know it, but because you don’t have enough confidence to say it. Yeah. You’re right. I suffered from Chronic Speech Impediment.

Sometimes, I secretly wish I was dumb. Yeah. Not kidding. At least every one will know and not bother me. 

And because of my impediment I couldn’t participate in any extracurricular activity in high school. I didn’t take any leadership role too.

But do you think I can continue for long with such whispers like?

“Ortega, you’re not good”

“You’re different”

“You’re the king of disappointment”

“You can’t even do what your juniors (and many people not as smart as you) could easily do”

No way! 

I seized the whispers by taking charge of my life. Fine, sometimes my mind could bring to me thoughts of how that I almost always excuse myself to the restroom whenever attendance is being called so I could save myself from the intending disgrace of not not knowing how to pronounce with word – “Present sir” without stuttering.

But you see…  

It couldn’t live that way and that’s why I am writing you this letter.

Irrespective of your past or experiences or tags that some folks think of you, I believe you’re more than that. You can scribble a beautiful future .

You see, nothing can limit the YOU, except you. Forget about it; this is not some kind of motivational speaking. This is reality. 

You can change your life. You can make amends. Others perception about you doesn’t count. Only… 

I repeat, Only Your Perception Of You count. Who do you know you are? 

You’re unique. You’re special. You’re a person with a bright future. The world is glad to receive a gem like you. 

Don’t stop amigo. Keep going. The world wants to hear your story. .They want to feel your impact. Go for your it in your business and in your life. Give it your best shot! 

You see, it is easy to be overwhelmed by those stupid whispers. Don’t let them get to you. 

Don’t let them affect your productivity and business. Shut it out! Surround yourself with positive vibes. 

.Don’t beat yourself up. You’re making progress no matter how little. Just keep moving.

Finally word: You’re in charge pal.