[BREAKING] Top 20% Leading Experts Swear Under An Oath That They Will Share All Their Behind The Scene Secrets With Anyone If They Do This...

Dear Entrepreneur,


Could I ask you these simple question:


-Do you have speed in taking actions, especially when you get hit by an idea?


-Does your business gulp your time like a regular 9-5, yet give you less in return?


-Have you ever felt discouraged at the number of sales in your business?


-Have you ever considered leaving your business to work for a company as an employee?


-Have you ever been down with no client for days or months?


-Have you ever wondered why some people progress faster than you in the same niche you are in?


If you ever answered YES to any of the above, then I’d like to tell you something simple.


It’s Not Your Fault. 


I, and several other entrepreneurs experienced that as well.


We get started with energy and high hopes of making X result in sales. 


We quickly create social media pages and websites, get a storefront or office… 


Get our publicity contents ready… get the necessary product or tools to run the idea as a business…


And then, crickets happened.


First day, no sale.

No customer came around.


Next day, almost the same result…


Third day,… maybe, we then start seeing a few customers… very minute result.


We become happy that our prediction of sales will eventually come to pass.


Then, days kept rolling back. 


From third day to one month… to second month… to third month… 


Then, everything started changing. Our eyes became clearer to understand that….. 


This Wasn’t What We Predicted




Our competitions became more ready to rip us off…


We have got customers dropping by the day. Then, reduced engagements…..Reduced sales. Reduced conversion….


And then… the unexpected hit us.


We start losing passion, losing money in expenses… and getting little or no return. 


We don’t feel motivated to push our business again….


We hit the alarm clock because we hate workdays…


Worse? We get hit by burdensome responsibilities and bills… 


And then, we get pushed to pack up our business and we go seek employment. 


“Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone”


We say that to ourselves to feel justified.


I understand the feeling because I have experienced it… in several businesses.,,, several times.


At some point, it was really worse that I blurted this to a friend when talking to him… I said something like…


“Passion dies, you know”


Truth is, my passion literally died. I was getting little return of what I was putting in and it wasn’t encouraging…


Somehow all my previous customers disappeared into thin air. I became stuck. 


And then within a short period, I blew up the business. I was afraid of losing money further.


That was when I started searching… Bought some courses… Attended many masterclasses and webiner….


Although my account was red… 

I kept searching. I needed more information. I needed to make X more amount, and that was how I stumbled on copywriting…


Which I then decided to take back to back as my core skill and business. Fine, copywriting proved to be darn lucrative, but within the first 3 months or so, I was with no client… 


“What is happening?” My fears started increasing. Almost the same phase I had gone through in entrepreneurship wanted to repeat itself… even in my freelance career… Gosh!


Close to the end of the third month, still with no client… I was almost pulling my hair out of my head.


Then, I thought of an idea and quickly implemented it… 


Voila! I got a freaking hot client. It happened like magic! I close the deal under 5 minutes. I was so proud of myself.
But after a short while, the cycle continued… the highs and lows of no client today, client tomorrow. 
I needed more… not just in copywriting, but in entrepreneurship and life generally.
I needed to know how to become financially stressfree and happy. 
And one day I was lucky to hear Tony Robbins… 
He said something like “If You Want To Get A Result You Don’t Have, Then Model Those Achieving The Same Results”
I almost froze. I started thinking on who I have successfully modelled in those period.
Sadly, none… I had been going in circles without having a direct reference point I could learn from.
I started looking at who I could learn from….
First person… boo! 
He has a course worth $1000. 
I couldn’t afford that. 
So, I kept jumping from one mentor prospect to another… until I got the recipe to get them to mentor me for free. That’s by the way.
I was successful at this and could then afford some courses and products.
I started pulling good results afterwards… in sales and influence.
I have now trained over 5000 entrepreneurs from 47 countries… Taught copywriting and sales in group of leading experts such as Paul Foh, Nigerian #1 Sales Coach; George Essien, Nigeria top Public Speaking Coach; Dayo Adetiloye, one of Nigeria leading top network marketing coaches and many others…
And I am also now in charge of my time… I know the client to hop in and the one to dismiss, while joggling some projects and activities.
But something remarkable happened to me last year…
I was haunted with thoughts on how my entrepreneurship journey started.
Somehow, my mind almost always drove me to the 80% of entrepreneurs who still struggle the way I did then…
Some, almost going bankrupt… Almost getting kicked out of their homes… being disturbed with bills and responsibility from their families and loved ones.
You see, these are folks who got started out as entrepreneurs with visions to solve a challenge in society and possibly to become financially stressfree in the process. 
But unfortunately, that vision couldn’t be met as they were hit by the tough blows facing several entrepreneurs today on sales, marketing, clients acquisition, business growth…
They are now all being grumpy… almost always complaining…
Thinking all hope is lost… and entrepreneurship is not for them.
Thankfully, you don’t have to feel that way because top 20% entrepreneurs across different niches have decided to show you their behind the scenes secrets….
Will tell you how to get these secrets in a moment, but first let me buttress the importance of learning tested secrets.
  • You save time and energy. One of the reason responsible for my relatively fast growth in copywriting, sales and business in general is because I was learning the behind the scenes secrets of some experts… It scrapped off the time of looking for secrets and techniques myself which will probably have cost more money and time.
  • You get almost the same results. Yes, you got that right. Applying the same secrets that have proven to drive result will get you the similar results irrespective of your time zone or skin colour.
  • It’s one of the easiest ways to step up.
And that was the little secrets…
It works in almost every industry and business. Even better, it works in anything in life. I remember improving my grades in my sophomore years in the university by learning from those achieving the results I wanted – the distinction folks.
So, like every smart entrepreneur, I realized this simple tip alone is the real deal to save time, energy and resources; and get similar faster results.
  • I was determined I was going get several leading experts share their behind-the-scenes secrets with entrepreneurs like you…
And then, I teamed up with some other group of entrepreneurs, to not only get experts share with you their deep secrets for almost nothing with you, but to also provide you hundreds of tested secrets you can apply and make crazy sales – at least 30% extra in your business – this month.
And that’s what berthe – The Ace Entrepreneur – a membership club for entrepreneurs who are not ashamed of applying tested strategies to increase their sales by a minimum of 30% under 30days.
I know that sounds incredible. But it’s true. In fact, in the Ace Entrepreneur, you get several products on copywriting, sales, marketing… for free or at a discount.
Am talking about products that made people like Ebuka Anichebe make #1.5 million almost immediately writing his first sales copy for his farm crowdfunding project. Even best, within 2 short weeks, he surpassed his company’s target by 10000% – that’s a freaking 10X.
Or Nanabo Ayebatonye who raked in millions of naira from a client applying one secret from one of my books, that you’d get either for Free or at a highly discounted. Plus, got 3 more clients under a week.
You see, like Abdulbasit Uthman, a member of the club who said, “what he is getting in the club is more than the book he bought”.
He isn’t wrong because here’s a sneak peep to what you’d be getting inside:
  • Copywriting and Marketing Intelligence: a monthly updated newsletter that will show you tested secrets to get high ticket copywriting, plus make you a marketing wizard who outwit, outperform, outsell your competition.
  • Ad-Secrets:  This shows how to make the most out of every ad you run, plus prevent your account from being banned even if you’re just starting out or not.
  • Sales funnel secret: Real online sales success starts from proper optimization of funnels and funnel hacking.
  • Quick Grabs: If you have less than 5 minutes to spare, but you really to avoid making some costly business mistakes, then you can quickly come here to steal hundreds of checklists and cheatsheets.
  • Practial Series: Here, we take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step to show you how to make more sales practically..
  • Done-for-You Copy and Paste Templates: Here, you don’t lift a pin, but you just apply what we have tested and see the magic happen across your ads, business and  sales. .


So far, we have interviewed experts such as:


George Essien, one of Nigerian leading public speaking coaches around. He spoke extensively on Public Speaking Secrets.


Ola Yetunde Harris, a UK based high ticket closer. She shared deep insights on how to sell high ticket items even if you’re a beginner in sales.


Mk Akan, Nigerian #1 Copywriter. He shared the top secrets 80% of copywriters don’t know today.


Sales Man Obi. He shared cool secrets on how to make a minimum of #200,000 every month even if you’re just starting out.


Winner Ezekiel, a sales and marketing consultant, exposed everything you need to know about building a 7 figure business from scratch.


Suresh Balachandar, an indian business coach with over 23 years experience shared on how to outwit your competitors even if you’re just starting out.


Stephen Michael, founder of Fodax Training Academy, a public speaking school, shared insights on how to build influence as an entrepreneur through public speaking.


-And lot more


Other top experts profiled to be interviewed include: Fela Durotoye, Ubong King, Charles O’tudor, Paul Foh, Bankole Williams, Steve Harris… and lot more


They are all ready to play their part in helping you live your dreams and create the wealth you deserve by answering your deepest questions.


You get…

  • Hundreds of tested entertaining and educating business letters on purpose, personal development, marketing, sales, personal finance…
  • Mind-altering podcasts
  • Step by step practical series including How To Convert Strangers Into Addicted Buyers, How To Sell Your Brain…
  • Copy and paste templates that saves you the time of thinking
  • Summaries of Books that you read
  • Cheatsheets and checklists
  • Interviews with top experts
  • Discounts as high as 30% on my products or events