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Infidelity is a fiction story that has great scenes with suspense to keep you entangled to its delicacy. It talks about the love affair between a crusher and his crush. How he was able to achieve his dream of not just being able to win her heart but also fucking her despite his low class status.


Anita was that young vibrant girl with eyes luring every trouser to her path. The way she talked was swift as the seductive breeze that roams the evening thunder and her smiles would crucify your resistance. I have always crushed on her in secret with no guts to express my dying desire all day long.

Her beauty was inbuilt, incomparable with artificial beauties. No make ups. Just pretty as our Indian goddesses in Bollywood movies. At age 13, she became a child celebrity with guys and girls flocking at her charm. Gentle voice, white little teeth, a light dimple at her left chin and a flashy lifestyle with trending cloths. Teachers took her as their idol and all the bad boys wanted to raise their class by being with her.

There were rumors about her sleeping with dudes at her tender age especially at birthday parties. However, those rumors didn’t mean a thing to her, because she cared less. She had this familiarity with everyone so people felt equal around her.

Born and bred from a wealthy home, so you expect her lifestyle to reflect in her actions. She was an average student in class and never worried if she had bad grades. I remember the last time a bully shoved her, the whole class got mad at him that he felt cringed and reverted.

We were all in JSS 3 and cherished her company. All departments wanted her to participate in their activities because she spent a lot for her friends and often fed the church rats of the class. She doesn’t insults people. That’s one thing I loved about her.

Legend has it that she lied to her parents to give her some money for something she needed, but she later used it to support a student on his school fees. She helped both genders and had time for everyone.

Anita was the name that vibrated virtually on everyone’s lips in the neighborhood and at schools. Little did we know that we were her bodyguards and disciples, even when we did, we felt it wasn’t foolishness.

Heaven shed bitter tears on the day of our SSS 3 graduation ceremony; it was so painful and sad to see that angel depart from us. She hugged everyone she could reach. When it was my turn, the hug felt so divine. I didn’t wish that moment would die. Men! We all will miss her. Everyone got her phone contact and to worsen it all, she would be traveling overseas for her studies. It was so painful as her absence was heavily felt.












Some students visited her home before she relocated overseas, and spent lovely memorial moments with our goddess. I was among those students. She lived in a mansion with maids, gate keepers, and cooks as her staff. Some of the class playboys made move to flirt the young maids. Well, that’s not my business. I was after Anita, not them.

There were lots of games at her home. Gymnastics, football pitch, table tennis court, basketball court, etc. What a paradise on Earth! Her home could accommodate the whole world if I’m not mistaken. Guess what, she even showed me and some other friends her beautiful bedroom. Me that don’t love taking pictures, I took as many pictures as if my life depended on it.

As it was getting late, everyone left for their home, except me. I thought that was the right time to profess my love to her. The timid guy I was was buried alive. I just felt brave to tell her my heart desire.

It all started when we were alone in her room. I held her hands, looked deep into her eyes. She was confused. Then I said, ”the love I have for you is beyond classroom love. Damn babe, I love you. Being with you is a light feeling.”

I just don’t know, this babe knows how to love. Before I could finish my rehearsed lines, she placed a finger to cover my lips and gave me a hug, then a short kiss. Oh my! My head exploded. I hugged her so tight to me that her warmth was felt around my whole body. I had to refrain so it won’t seem I was trying to take advantage of her vulnerability.

After that cinema experience, I was worried and asked her if her parents won’t complain about my long stay. She assured me that, “no, her parents are cool with that.” Wow! I felt super relieved and grateful for that moment because I already told my parents about my whereabouts. We went outside into the garden to stare at the moon. I used to watch love movies, but this scene was so real to me.

We slept on her bed together in the hands of romance, kisses, and smooches. I, however, felt guilty to take a sex-oriented move, so I only romanced my queen, but she showed neutrality. This was the first time I was caressing a woman’s body. I loved this girl. Something was telling me I was dreaming. Please don’t ever call her CHEAP; I was just too blessed to experience the Hollywood movie she offered me on a platter of gold.

That night, she played Celine Dion’s love songs all through. As the brought out its romantic stars with the room perfectly lit for two horny couple, I stared into her angelic eyes. I was fully engrossed by her awe. I never knew when I was controlled by unknown forces to French kiss her, closing my eyes to savor the ingredients of the experience. Then I asked her if she was a virgin. She said in a flirty tone with her teeth slightly biting her lower lip, “Why don’t you check that out yourself.” She was in her nightwear. Her nightwear was damn enthralling. If you have watched Titanic, you can imagine how sexy she was at that moment.

Wow! I think I wanna sex this damsel. My brain kept leading me towards this path. As I stood agape, she interrupted my thoughts saying,” are you that shy? Okay, then I will make the move.” Then she painted my lips with sweet watery lipstick. I felt like her sex slave or like a 2 years old being dressed up by his guardian. Just as we were about pulling off each other’s clothes, we heard a knock. I was shocked by guilt. I’m in trouble, I thought. Then she shhhed me and told me to calm down. I obeyed my new mistress.

“Who is it”? Anita asked in an inquisitive tone. “Na me madam, I be come give you some hot tea,” a young maid replied quickly without opening the door. “Oh thanks, Rita, I won’t be needing that tonight, you know I don’t need it for midnight reading anymore. Thanks, my dear.” Anita answered. Then Rita said, “Okay madam.”

The night thereafter was erotic. It started with me giving her oral sex. Then the piercing began. I got to confess, I deflowered this angel. She cried. I didn’t believe this gift can ever be handed to me. Some biting of her tits was carried out by my hungry mouths. Her moaning was pure innocence. Her glory hole was tight and just.

Our sexperience continued for weeks and our bond grew stronger like married couples. However, we didn’t let our fondness disclose its foolishness to the public. Only I and her household knew our affair. Sometimes her mother called me back privately and asked: “if I truly love her only daughter.” I was shocked and nodded my head as an Agama lizard. Then a faint reply of “Yes Ma” escaped my esophagus.

“I’m gonna really miss your daughter when she travels abroad for her studies,” I continued. This time I was quite audible. Her mother said, “don’t be deceived, girls can love another man elsewhere. So if she loves another man there, expect it.” Hearing this, I said, “It’s very true Ma.”

The next day before she left, we had the longest kiss Guinness Book of Record forgot to record for history. I followed her to the airport and watched how this diamond slipped out of my hands. I cried going back home and bided her and her family farewell.

The truth is I’m nothing in her home without her. Now that she is gone, even her parrot will disapprove of my visit. Her home became an evil forest for me. I only had to wait for the next 5 years for her to come back home. However, the relationship didn’t grow sour because we followed up via Facebook and WhatsApp. Sexting and doing all kinds of adult stuff.






She got admitted to Oxford University in the USA after passing the necessary exams in Nigeria. Life was quite uneasy for her there, but she adapted with time. Studying Business Management there really exposed her to new sets of people. She met other African peers there and it didn’t take long to acquaint with foreigners.

She later enjoyed the atmosphere. She lived alone in one furnished apartment. She refused the idea of getting maids because she wanted to feel the air of Independence and privacy. She did well in the first semester, her cheerful attitude became conspicuous. She got everyone with her charm the same way she did back then in college. Within the 3rd year there, she had turned a celebrity with friends visiting her home for diverse reasons. Her neighbors were also fond of her. She was like Cinderella of Disney movies. She texted me all these escapade on WhatsApp. We chatted day and night.

I remember the night I proposed to her via Facebook. She gave me a YES but told me that even if she marries any other guy, she will later divorce him and remain with me. I shed tears of surprise at that statement. Have you seen a guy blush in tears before? Well, for your information, I did. This gave me a huge hope that what happened between us wasn’t just child play, but may lead to a reasonable fate. I then knew that she was deeply in love with me. Men! I wanna see the end of our relationship.

I on the other side dropped out of school due to apathy for the system. Then I ventured into showbusiness. I love to entertain people and do business. School sucks. It’s just pure yuck. I started producing my songs, performing them on shows, working on a comedy, acting and dancing and some returns complimented my effort. It gave me excess joy to see people get influenced by me.

My songs were hit and Anita really felt happy for my development, because I made her know everything. I was a versatile artist with multiple awards. My name was popular on radio, TV, magazines, etc. To be honest, I had a few rounds with my desperate female fans but tried my possible best to avoid pregnancy. I didn’t want any baby mama to spoil my future plans with my diamond. My movies were classic. I was loved. Who doesn’t love to see people want him or her direly?
Becoming a celebrity like Michael Jackson and other prominent artists in the industry became feasible for me. Although I hadn’t gotten global recognition yet, my fans paid the bills. I became independent and lived alone in a furnished apartment. Although my parents never supported my adventure in the first place but changed their attitude when success blew my trumpet. They were proud of me. In this country where a job is scarce, maybe I should follow my heart and find a way to survive and it really did pay off.

So out of all the pretty ladies that came my way, none of them could erase the image Anita placed in my heart. I wanted to marry this girl. I still remember her smiles and the night we made love together. The memory played in my head like lovers in a rosy garden. I remember when she closed her eyes to sleep after the sex we had. I remember her soft pink lips, her torso, her dimple, her navel, her laps, everything about her, etc. Man! I’m mad about this girl. I remember my first penetration into her orifice. I can have sex with a girl and forget her, but Anita was different.










It wasn’t easy to let go off her in my thoughts. As we were chit chatting one night, she broke the latest update to me. She said, a dude is after her heart and she doesn’t know how to reject love. Hearing this, I felt insecure. I could feel my pearl slip out of my hands. She said he is sweet, wealthy, brilliant and the HOC. Girls flocked around him for his charisma.

She said, her heart almost fell off when he proposed to her in the class. All eyes were on us. I couldn’t make the poor boy feel bad. So I gave him a YES. Well, after then, we spent time together, went shopping, cinemas, concerts, etc. I think he is a lovely guy. I hate to put this to you, we had sex a couple of times.

Dang, it! I felt like a failure. I think I have lost this girl. Then she told me in a video chat, that even though I love her, don’t I still cheat on her? This question left me puzzled. Don’t lie to me, a celebrity like you must have had sex with female fans, she continued. Then my blood pressure came back to normal. I told her, em, scratching my head. Then she laughed and said, I caught you. Though I cheat, I still love you. Same as you or don’t you love me anymore?

I smiled, facing my head down and asked her if she will marry him. She winked and said, I will definitely. But I’m all yours. If he provokes me, I will divorce him and have my kids with you. You gave me my first experience of sex and I felt more like a woman afterward. I owe you big time shy boy.

We could chat all day gazing, laughing at each other. We both understood the game we were playing. I loved her more. Call us harlots, we don’t care. She even sends me sex videos of her and her fiance. Men! My girl has become a sex demon. I gotta confess, I admire how her boobs bounced when she was possessive. Who is spoiling my baby? I would watch, comment on it and told her I couldn’t wait to have her soon. I also sent her sex videos of I and my female fans. She was really horny.

At last, my baby graduated and came back to Nigeria. Hearing the news, her old friends came to visit her including me. We had a big grin at each other when our eyes met. It was a ceremonious day. Her house was bubbling. I didn’t know the house also had a multipurpose hall. There was strict security there, so not everyone was allowed to meet Anita. She had become more beautiful and attained an American accent. I just couldn’t wait to have a slight second of intimacy with her, because all I was seeing was food.

Two cows were slaughtered and elites visited. It was the first time most of us saw prominent politicians and icons. It was like a lifetime opportunity. Those who could take selfies with them took that opportunity. Other celebrities present were graced to find me there. Same as me. You know my charm for girls, I had to give my autograph to some and some hugs to others. The curves I was seeing on that occasion almost made me forgot I came for Anita.

If it wasn’t there, I would have had sex with approximately three ladies for that night only. Some ladies already gave me kisses and were about to go beyond that. My bodyguards had to take control of the situation and restricted their movement. Now I went to sit with my princess on a decorated empty table reserved for VIP. She called me with a finger. I knew she wanted me to come. When I arrived at the destination, the moment was pure bliss. We were dumb for minutes maybe two or three minutes.

I had a lot to talk about; she had a lot to talk about. We didn’t know who will start first. We were just smiling at each other that people noticed but cared less afterward. I then told her that with time, the world will know of our love. Then she poked me and said, brave boy, I look forward to that day. Then I said, “I miss you.” “Me too,” she replied a second later. I felt like kissing her, and then I went for it. Lo and behold, we kissed, people were amazed. But did we look like we care? No, love couldn’t hide his face.

After that moment, we became the talk of the night. You damn know journalists; they took pictures of us and told their story. We were in tomorrow’s papers, on the TV, etc. A celebrity kissed a multimillionaire’s daughter at a party. Then I and Anita went in for our privacy. We entered her room. Then a phone call entered her phone. It was Richard, her fiancé. She picked it and told him she arrived in Nigeria safely, blah, blah, blah. The call ended, she threw her phone elsewhere, and then we continued the smooching and caressing. I discovered we didn’t lock the door. So I locked it with a key attached to the lock. Hmm, ah, hmm.


My baby gave me the greatest doggy I have ever had in my life. I didn’t know how she developed such a relentless appetite for sex. She was enjoying the act, but never felt fulfilled. She wanted more. It was as if she had to plug me to electricity to sex her at will, I’m sure the sex duration would last hours. She was killing me and challenging my ego. My hands fondled her boobs, while the doggy gave its rhythm. It was like my cock needed to enter nothing aside from her pussy. I kept thrusting and retreating. It still didn’t fall this mountain.

I was so glad that my sexual life had improved, if not she would be disappointed if I didn’t last long. How on Earth did I get this lucky? She had totally surrendered herself to me. This time, I drove my cock into her ass, shoved it so deep and continued my cursed activity because I couldn’t stop.

You should know we were screaming loudly, but since the party was on, the background music muted it. We were left on our own. It was like watching two great knights kill each other. Sometimes it seemed like she was dominating me, I struggled to retaliate. When she discovered I was winning, she bounced back and blew my head off.

Anita was giving me the sex of my life. I didn’t know my purpose in life anymore. What mattered to me then, was her pussy. My job was just to hit and pull in its ecstasy. Men! I started seeing her as Queen of Egypt, Miss World, Queen Elizabeth, etc. My life had become brighter than the full moon. How does it feel to have your cock in an angel’s torso? The warmth, the moisture, the tingling sensation, the slavery mentality of satisfying her towards a massive orgasm.

I didn’t include the foreplay. How I undressed her, blah, blah, blah. I think the ones I told are enough. After the sex, we slept cuddling each other. The next day, I woke up before her. I was tempted to French kiss her while still asleep. Her pink wanting lips prompted it. Then my hands caressed her middle-sized boobs. When I tingled her nipples a little, she made a slight turn and moan. I stopped for a while until her breathing became normal again. Her eyebrows were tempting. It was just like staring at it all day. Then my eyes went down to her navel, her curves, and then her pussy.

Shit, I was in heaven at the sight of it all. No woman has ever engulfed me with her body like her. As I was about exploring the downside, she opened her eyes and poked me on my forehead and saying, “Naughty boy.” I smiled and felt guilty. Then she sat and kissed me. She stood up and flaunted her figure like a model and said, you wanted to see this right? I was lost. Then she said, I think last night sex was a tie. You really tried. I smiled sitting on the bed speechless. We were still naked. I held her ass, cuddling her ass with my cock and followed her as she moved around the room to look at the mirror.

Then I whispered to her ears, why don’t we continue this game again? She answered it’s too early. I need to brush my teeth and take care of myself. Oh! Okay, so should I follow you to the bathroom, I asked. She said firmly, no, give me some privacy. After having my bath, you can have yours. I said, okay, fine.

After her bath, she dressed up and went for breakfast. I did the same. Her parents weren’t around asides her staff. While we were watching an entertaining program on DStv, she told me that her fiancé would be visiting her next week and that would I love to meet him? I objected to the idea. She begged me, saying she would introduce me as her childhood friend. Then I told her that, don’t you think he will suspect anything between us? She said, if he can’t cope with it, and then let him break up with me or I will break up with him instead.

Then I asked her, is he good in bed. She laughed and scored him an eight over ten. What about me, I inquired. You are beyond any score, you’re my life. You give me everything, you’re part of me. My world is yours. Then I kissed her on the couch for that statement. We were about to make out, then we remembered the maid might be watching us. We wouldn’t want our pornography to be free even if we wanted to do it.

So we stopped the smooching. I then replied, no problem if he is around, it will be a pleasure of mine to meet him. I will personally spoil you with gifts on your wedding day. You know I’m famous. The best entertainers will present to give the party a boom. She smiled uncontrollably and said, you always surprise me, sweetie. She said this biting her lips. Then I got a call from my staff. I told her, I had to go to attend to business. We kissed each other and she saw me off.



I got to my telecommunication company and attended business. I wasn’t chanced to visit Anita as before again, though we still chatted online. The next week, her fiancé visited her and the marriage took place. You wouldn’t believe it didn’t take too long for Anita to put to bed. She had a set of twins. It was amazing and everyone was elated. The naming ceremony was thunderous and shook the whole area.

I also thought of getting married because I wouldn’t want to affect their marriage. I wouldn’t want to be called an infidel. No, that isn’t a good title for my reputation. As it was hard to reconnect with my first love, even our chatting grew cold. I couldn’t say when last we met face-to-face. Our memories were only what lived in our hearts.

A year later, I couldn’t stand the bachelor stigma as my parents were pestering me to bring home a wife. Since I’m a superstar, why was I finding it difficult to get married? I have always been postponing the idea of marriage to my parents, but then I thought I had to succumb to their school of thought.

In one of the International movies I featured in, I met a Hollywood actress and we fell in love. The experience was fucking enthralling with her. She was beautiful, famous and independently rich. She had an estate, a company and other streams of income apart from being an actress. People said I was lucky to be her lover because she was the picky type.

We toured the world, the romance was history. We became the talk of the world. She was a foreigner. She could kiss great. Men! I can’t compare this girl with anyone. On our wedding day, I invited Anita and her husband to come, but due to some reasons, they couldn’t make it. Our wedding was global. Celebrities around the world honored the event. It was gargantuan. We spent money.

On our honeymoon, I saw the craziest lady I have ever seen. As I sat on the bed, she gave me a live show, the same way strippers do. Chai, everything about me rose. I wanted to grab her and give some hitting, but my manners told me to relax and enjoy the show. The way she moved as a cat swept me off from my feet. She slowly undressed, calling me as a boy dying to get this desire. I couldn’t move, I was hypnotized, my mouth was wide open so I tried to move towards her. Then she pushed me to the bed and tied my hands and feet to the bed. I was her slave.

She gave me a blowjob. Shit! I wanted to dominate this scene but I was chained by those ropes. My cock rose to seven inches. Pure ecstasy. I wanted to fondle her boobs, or at least give her nipples a tiny bite, but that was only possible if she let me. She deep throated me and I reach my own orgasm. Then she came to suck my nipples. Wow, I reached another climax again. I have never been aroused by a woman like this before. She kissed me for a while and continued the manipulation. I was weak, I was hers, I was her toy.

When she saw the eagerness in my eyes, she untied me. Dang, it. I went straight for the doggy and the rest was history. I gave her the longest journey of sex ever recorded in history. The night was the longest as we couldn’t sleep but explored each other’s sexual orientation. The more I stared at her, the more her smile made me feel like a king.

A few minutes later, I gave her oral sex and she was awed, I toyed with her like I never did to Anita. I wanted kids from her so we didn’t use protection.

Blah, blah, blah. My wife with the name Rachel was put to bed and gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. Lol. Were you expecting it to be a boy? I love all genders as long as there are still children. She was the replica of her mother, so pretty and tender.

Above all, I just couldn’t wash away Anita’s memory from my heart. So one day, I decided to give her a surprise visit. Luckily for me, her husband wasn’t at home. We greeted each other. These ex-lovers couldn’t wait to express their feelings. She ran to hug me and it led to sex.

In the horrible act, we were caught red-handed by her husband who came home to pick up something he forgot. He got mad. The whole drama led to their divorce. My wife got mad when she heard the story and later divorced me. Anita’s parents rejected the idea of us coming together. So I was alone. Anita was alone. We felt guilty and shame.

The End.

Was being an infidel worth it after all?

©Ogomigo Roland