Do you surf the internet for a long period of time and when you are done you feel totally unproductive? Well you are not alone. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do to be and feel productive and also that which you should not do to be productive.
What To Do Online To Be Productive
You can be totally productive in ten ways:
Read what you can on personal finance
Everyone has a bucket list of to-dos and it contains a great number of having fun and getting what you want. If you keep waiting for the right time to start achieving that dream of travelling the world or buying that house you might never achieve those dreams if you don’t start planning your finances now.
To be totally productive online, read what you can on personal finance, it will help boast your finances and quicken the fulfillment of your dreams. ‘Ringgit oh Ringgit’, ‘Mr Stingy’, ‘Dividend Magic’, ‘’ among others are useful websites that can help in financial management.
Watch inspiring and educational content
With the internet at your finger tips just with a few clicks you can acquire the loads of knowledge on any subject matter.
The more you surf the right places you learn a lot of things from science to business to philosophy, history, cookery, crafts and various others.
Develop your skills
Instead of scrolling endlessly online been unproductive, you can watch YouTube videos and read articles that can help develop your skill, it could be cooking, baking, writing, teaching, sales, even singing and whatever you love to do, the internet provides a vast well of knowledge.
Create your career portfolio
A career portfolio is a compilation of materials to showcase your skills, qualifications and experiences. This includes highlighting your best work and achievements with samples. Having a career portfolio will help future employers understand your skill set, personality and career goals. You can create a portfolio for free on websites like Adobe Portfolio, Crevado, Wix among others.
Take online courses
Another way to be productive is to take courses online, either free courses or paid courses, it could be in line with your career, it would be a great way to have added certificates and more knowledge. EDX,Udemy,Utiva and Coursera are great sites to take any course of choice.
Be a social media producer instead of a full time consumer
A social media producer create contents to educate and entertain people, while a social media consumer spends time on the internet watching funny skits and having nothing to show for it.
Why not create your own website, blog or even use your social media handle and start been a badass producer.
Read online books
A reader is a leader, read books that will shape your ideology, build your skills and make you productive.
Follow successful people on social media and do what they are doing
Following successful people on the internet will enable you learn from them. It puts ideas in your head, and when those ideas come, start working on them.
Listen to podcasts
Grab a journal, and record something new you learn each day.

What To Not Do To Be Productive.
While working on being productive, here’s a list of things to not do so as to be productive and stop being unproductive.
Do not multitask, finish something new you are learning before jumping to another.
Don’t feel lazy and procrastinate what you want to learn for the day, keep pushing else you will miss out on a lot of things to do to stay productive.
Eliminate notifications
If you are addicted to chatting each time you online or you tend to click on a new notification while you are doing something productive, turn off your notification.

Been productive on the internet is the best way to be the best you can be while having fun, make the most of your internet connection.

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