Do You Make  These Mistakes In Your Finances?😯

Discover The Top Mistakes That Make People Broke Irrespective Of What They Earn And How To Avoid It

From: The Laptop Of Steve Harris, Lagos Nigeria


To: My friends and fellow financial builders

Dear friend,


I used that dollar bill because we are talking about money, so I feel it’s complementary we see money 😊.


Everybody likes money, right?


But many don’t like talking about it… 


Have you ever asked yourself why?


By the way, let’s get straight to business


Knowing about your finances is very important… 


Not only does it have a significant improvement in your life, but in the lives of others.


In reality, failure to do this will affect other aspects of your life irrespective of how much you earn.


You see, I never knew that our finances is not a sole-function of how much we earn, until I was broke even after owning a car, lived in a good house…


Lived on fat monthly incomes, afforded virtually anything my pals could…


Wore designers…


Actually, living luxurious isn’t bad.


But… living luxurious without understanding your finance is not only bad, but worse.


(Living broke too is not a fair option too 😂…)


By the way, let’s get straight to the mistakes to avoid.


✔ MISTAKE #1: Not Knowing What Assets And Liabilities Are


This is very basic. Asset is simply anything that puts money in your pocket, while a liability takes money from you..


Sadly, many people are active building on their liability column with a false perception that it is an asset… .


✔ MISTAKE #2: Can’t Get Away With  “Shiny-Object”


Ever been to a supermarket with the intention to buy something and suddenly something shiny caught your attention?


You couldn’t help, but pull money out of your wallet to get that also… After getting home, you realized you didn’t plan for what you bought. You see, this is a recurring mistake many people make. I did too at some point. I was loading lots of shiny objects that I didn’t need in my home. 


✔ MISTAKES #3: Not Knowing Your Money Personality


Yeah. We’ve all got different money personalities. Each personality reflect how we handle and spend money. 


Here’s the good news: you can take on any personality and make it your prime personality. Likewise, you can kill a bad money personality with a secret I will show you soon.   


✔ MISTAKES #4: Unable To Shatter Financial Limiting Beliefs


Do you find yourself struggling to go past what you’re currently earning. Each time you tried, there is this small voice that echoes you excuses and steals you of the morale to double your income. Those voices are what I call “Financial Limiting Beliefs.” 


It took me years to identify my financial limiting belief…. and the moment I silent it, it was as though I became free. Actually I became free, as I kept increasing my income.  


✔ MISTAKES #5: Subconsciously Romancing Financial Parasites


Kindly trash most of what they told you about charitable giving. There is a right way of giving. Some people became broke, not because giving is bad, but because they couldn’t understand that how to go about giving…. especially to financial parasites…


Here’s how to know financial parasites: they keep showing you loads of their debt and require your assistance. They don’t know how to handle money… They are silent money spenders. 


There is a simple truth I learnt over the year: the poor can’t help the poor (I will explain what I mean later)


No, come off it. Don’t get me wrong here. 


I like giving. In fact charitable giving is part of the 8 wheels of wealth I discovered. 


✔ MISTAKES #6: Not Knowing How To Budget Your Money


You’re probably surprised to see this on the list too? 


There is a false perception about wealth today. Many people are of the school of thoughts that the wealthy don’t budget their finances. I laugh whenever I hear such…


Haven’t you seen many celebrities (names deleted) with extravagant lifestyle becoming broke within a short while? Or even your friend who seemed to be earning relatively more than you still meet you for financial assistance. 


The truth is, if you don’t plan for your money, there is something that has planned for your money.


✔ MISTAKES #7: Not Knowing How To Save And Invest


No, I won’t just say, “go and save and invest“, because there are several dots between those lines; until connected the results of the savings or investments may yield pretty little…


I know this may appear as a shock to you, but it is the truth… savings and investments are to be done correctly, otherwise the results may yield pretty little (Did I just say that again? 🙂 ).


You see pal, you don’t have to make all mistakes to prove that you have got experience.


Some mistakes are very costly and could affect a huge chunk of your life.


There is something called second-hand experience. This, you learn from other persons. 


Just like saying because you’re interested in understanding the pains experienced by amputees, you decided to get limb amputated. 


Doesn’t sound good, right? Exactly, glad you know.




If there is something I am sure of is this…


You’re still reading this letter because somewhere somehow…


✨ You want TRUE financial freedom


✨ You want to understand how money works and control it anytime


✨ You want to understand what wealth truly is and how to get it. 


✨ You hate being broke and want to escape it for good (Remember merely getting more money is not the solution)


✨ You want to be in charge of your time and finances and you’re looking for a way to create sustainable riches


If any of those is true, then you’re not alone…

Listen: Here’s my true story


I wanted more out of life too….


Life started out as difficult being a college drop-out…


I wanted to live life on my own terms…


I wanted all the best of life, so I started my journey into wealth creation…


I went under the tutelage of my mentor Fela Durotoye, alongside other esteemed mentors… I kept up-skilling myself until I was darn good. 


So, I started making money…


Lived relatively fine, thinking everything was perfectly right…




 after a while, I discovered, I still had my fears up…


My fears of bills, going broke…..


I thought more money could make me rich and financially free…


I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t completely right either.


I kept analyzing what went wrong…


Why can’t more money make me TRULY financially stress-free?


After meeting my mentors, asking tonnes of questions, thinking deeply, connecting the dots…


I started understanding more about MONEY.


And that was my turning point…


Not only that…


I kept discovering (this may not seem sexy, but it’s the truth)…


that Poverty has evolved...


She is no longer that old woman who sleeps under the bridge, she now drives fancy cars, stays in expensive houses, wears bling-bling…


She buys the latest wears, accessories, and gadgets…


Yeah, she looks classic and what we call sleek!


When you get closer (I have met several of them, and I have been in that shoes too), you’d discover….


They look rich outside, but are struggling and silently begging for help.


It may look simple to you.


That indeed poverty has evolved…


But merely understanding this simple findings, my finances became shaped.


Then, I decided to keep mute…


It was after a while of keeping mute for years I realize my discovered findings is a secret.


By the way, I kept mute for years because of two reasons:


1.       I wanted to live what I was preaching first

2.      Perhaps, because I thought it wasn’t any secret




After waiting a while and I kept seeing the number of people struggling with their finances..


I felt pity for them because they have got a wrong perception of wealth and financial freedom.


One day, I was motivated to pour out all my experience, mentor’s advice, observation in discovering this secret and to help just anyone afford the trap of the evolving poverty…


I decided to expose everything you ever needed to understand your finances in the most fun, relatable and interesting manner (Let’s face it: many financial books are boring) in my new book : Honey why are we poor?


The title may not look appealing to you… I understand…


But that shouldn’t be the focus right? Because what’s the point of getting suitable words that won’t change your life.


When you read the book, you’ll understand the reason for the title.


This book exposes my hard years of experience discovery and everything you ever needed to walk your way to financial freedom irrespective of how much you earn


While writing this letter to you, already over 1200 people like you have got their book delivered to them.. and they are walking their ways to REAL financial freedom.

Here Are What Some People Think Of The Book

There are many things you’ll learn in this book…


But here is a glimpse of what you’ll learn

✔  How Many People Suddenly Have Amnesia for their money and how to avoid it


✔  The untold 3 Secrets To financial security


✔  What to do Before the inevitable financial rain falls (Like Corona Or Recession)


✔  The Little Known place that Houses TRUE Wealth (Don’t Worry, This Is Not The Graveyard)


✔  How to make money beg to serve at your feet every time


✔  Why some very skillful people remain poor because they don’t know this simple secret


✔  The wrong perception people have about assets and liability And How To Get The Right Mentality


✔  The simple SIT plan to help you start your journey in financial freedom


✔  The 4 basic types of money personality to know if you ever want to create wealth (Number 4 will surprise you)


✔  Discover And Kill Your Financial Little Demons That Keep Pulling You From Growing Wealth


✔  How to overwrite some financial limiting habits


✔  The Hidden Money Ceiling Many People Have Created for themselves And How it is limiting their finances


✔  How to identify some money crabs in your life and what to do to get out of their association Without Offending Them


✔  Why how much you earn doesn’t matter if you fail this wealth test


✔  The money trap and pressure many supposedly-rich, but silently poor people fall into


✔  The powerful habit of escaping the sharp-teethed money eaters and their strategies


✔  A simple, but ridiculous way a multimillionaire father taught his children financial intelligence


✔  What school never taught you about mining gold in your job (This secret alone can make you financially stress-free even if you work 9-5)


✔  The simple analogy a life strategist told a multimillionaire about LIFE that changed his life completely


✔  The secret to mastery in any field before being in your late Saturdays of your life


✔   The 8 wheels of wealth that some financial experts don’t know of (Number 7 and 8 will shock your bones)


✔  The proven life equation that can change the way you perform


✔  How to calculate your dimensions of wealth and know if you are not the right track


✔  Spending triggers and how to avoid falling to her spell


✔  Why your network doesn’t determine your net worth until you know this


✔  The false humility perception that blocks people from getting to that one-Big shot of a deal


✔  How to calculate your net worth Irrespective Of What You Earn


✔ The simple difference between the rich and the poor


✔  How to calculate your hourly rate 


✔ And Many More

Did I Tell You? You’re Getting A 120 Days Money Back Warranty On This Book.🤗


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We're Good, right?
Glad You said so...

Imagine This….

Your child (sibling or friend) comes to meet you a bit worried…


He is about to make two decisions that seem important to him…


But he has got an option to pick just one first…


He doesn’t want to sacrifice the other without guidance so he comes to meet you.


After discussing with you, you realized he has got just #6500…


And he wants to either go to Domino Pizza to enjoy himself…


Or get a book – Honey Why Are We Poor, that posed to build his financial intelligence.


He is expecting your feedback…


What will you advice?


Think about that for a moment….


Pizza, cold stone…. or something valuable that will could show you how to own a pizza factory?


I believe you’ll guide him right.


Now, imagine you were to pick for him, which will you choose?


Pizza or This Book – Honey Why Are We Poor


Your choice!


Steve Harris


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