PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

Topic #2: One Day She Is Hungry; Another Day She Is Filled. Another Day She Is Unmotivated.


What kind of prospect is this?

She is a perfect description of who I call a stranger…

She is somewhat funny in her actions (you spot that from her personalities in the previous letter I sent)

One day she is hungry, another day she is filled. Another day she is unmotivated.

In each of these days she act differently.

When hungry…

She wakes up with a glaring need. She knows what she wants and goes to the market looking for something to satisfy her need.

She look online for several options using keywords and hashtags on social media.

She storms on YouTube to see if she can get a partial or full satisfaction to her need.

She goes to several websites to read the contents. She subscribes to many newsletters to satisfy her need. She keeps browsing the internet.

This is the state many marketers or business owners prays to meet her.

Good thing, at this state, she is hardly resistant. Just like a hungry baby, she is more receptive to feeding her hunger.


Please pay close attention here.

It’ll be sad of you as a business to be nowhere to be found where she is hungry. Trust me, she would find someone to satisfy her needs. Your competitors of course.

This is where you need to be smart.

You want to ensure you are the available choice when she is hungry.

Get yourself positioned on Google (on the internet) and across all social media.

This is where social media optimization comes in place.

This is where you’d need to be SEO smart.

This is where you’d need to run ads to always pop up whenever such keywords is looked up.

If I look up the word “affiliate marketing in Nigeria” there is always a website that pops up…

And guess what? I almost always click on it.

When I look up the word “top network marketing companies in Nigeria”, there is a website that is always at the top search top.

Guess what again? I almost always click on it.

That’s what I am talking about.

You have to be there to give her food whenever she is hungry. Today, it gets easier. You can be a guest writer for top websites like Forbes and other websites. 

You can also write on communities like, Reddit,…

You can start your own blog or YouTube channel at no cost.

Will tell you in the subsequent letters what kind of food to give her when you know even your competitors anticipate her hunger.

Let’s head straight to the next state….

When she is filled….

Oh yup.

She is filled now…

She isn’t looking for any food at this point. She is probably at home watching movies, or listening to some good music.

She is at home… And not in the grocery store….

At this state, you don’t expect her to come looking for your business. This is her passive state. She has got no glaring need.


As a business owner, you don’t have to sit around and wait until she get hungry. You may wait for long. And it could affect your business.

This is the point where you’d have to disrupt their schedules or relaxing time, chatting with a friend or watching a movie with your marketing content.

This is where interruption marketing comes into play.

Haven’t you been interrupted by those ads on your newsfeed, YouTube, movie or something? Some marketing content got your attention and stole your first 10seconds and soon 60 minutes… 

Some couldn’t survive your first 5 seconds. You quickly skipped the ad. Will talk more on this later.

Now, let’s head straight to the last state she can be.

When she is unmotivated…

I like to describe her as “in-between” or lukewarm.

She is not really hungry and filled up. She is unmotivated to go to the kitchen to make a meal because she could actually stay without eating for that X period.

At this stage, she has got plenty of objections….

“Will this work?”

“I don’t have the time”

“I don’t see how this can help me”

“Can I trust this person?”

“I don’t have a budget for this right now”

“X problem isn’t important to me right now”

In this state, once you answer the objections it becomes easier.

Show them their end results.

Tell a story.

Show them the results of folks using the product or services.

Offer guarantee.

Remove their risk.

Explain in simpler terms

Make them try it out.


Got that?

I would be going to make a meal. Did I tell you, I am somewhat losing my culinary skills?

I don’t know. Meals I could cook really well before, I can’t anymore. 

Maybe I should cook more.

That’s what happens when you stop sharpening your skills. Do act what I told you in this letter.

See you tomorrow.