PRACTICAL SERIES: Converting Strangers Into Addicted Buyers

From: Ortega Ogomigo

Lagos, Nigeria

TOPIC #1:  Her Personality May Disgust You


I was not the seller, but I was disgusted at how this lady (stranger) treated that hawker.

It was 4:32pm that day. I was with my wristwatch and it was about time to watch a football match. As a way of passing time before the match, I and some friends were discussing….

Don’t worry it wasn’t a business discourse.

As we were about leaving, we heard a voice calling from the next building.

It was my neighbour. She wanted to buy something from a knife hawker.

She stopped him and like every smart Yoruba woman, she started pointing at the knives and asking for their prices…

The seller kept naming the prices.

“How about this?” She asked.

“This one na 150 naira” he responded in his usual Hausa accent.

“Let me give you 70 naira” she fired back in negotiation.

“No oo. Me I no gree”

“Na 70 naira dem dey sell am jare” she said

(translation: I don’t agree to that price. This is sold for 70 naira)

She kept haggling the price.

“Give me 120 naira”

“No. Aboki, make I take am for 70 naira. Before you know now, the knife no go sharp again”

(translation: No my friend. Let me have it for 70 naira. Besides the knife will get blunt soon and I will keep resharpening it)

The knife seller paused and thought for a few seconds.

I bet he thought about how much he has made so far walking several streets. Perhaps that day was a no-good business day for him. As a way of getting something more to take home, he agreed.

“Okay. Bring money”


Come tomorrow. I just wanted to know the price” She said.

Almost immediately, I and my friends threw our looks onto the seller’s face.

Obviously we have been eavesdropping the conversation.

The man was almost crying and very bittered. If the lady was not a bit elderly, he could have done otherwise to her for wasting his time.

Have you ever witnessed such? Or fallen a victim to these strangers disgusting personalities.

Some may pick all your wears and test them out. Worse? They won’t buy.

Some may make you burn out into explaining your products or services to them, yet a penny won’t be sent to you.


You can’t possibly shout at them and insult them (actually you can, but it will hurt your business for good).

You can’t change their personalities…

But you can understand it and change your business process without offending them.

You see, like I have discovered, some of these “strangers” may end up being your best clients.

So why do they act almost alike?

Several reasons…

One, their previous experience. Nobody likes making the same mistake twice.

Two, their exposure. Perhaps they have been exposed to cheaper products, better offer, worse offer, regrets, errors…

This is why you see them having in their head dangling tags tattooed in their brains such as…

-I don’t trust any of those business persons.

-If I can’t test it I won’t buy

-Will I be able to get the value?

-Why should I ever trust this person. They are all the same.

-The list is endless

Let me show you their different personalities…


  • PERSONALITY #1: The “I am Not Sure” personality

“Well, I don’t know about this. Kindly remind me in 6 months time”

Heck! That is too long. That is their silent way of saying “no” to your offer.

Now… You wouldn’t just nod your head like a dummy and go.

There are two ways you can beat this.

There is the passive way and the active way.

Passive way: you wait patiently for the agreed time and follow up appropriately.

Active way: you filter through the objection by asking questions like…

“What will have to happen to convince you to make purchase now?”

“What will I need to do to make you get this now?”

“Aside from price, what is responsible for your delay in taking action in this?”

“If the price was not an issue, will you take action now?”

Got that?


  • PERSONALITY #2: The “I Have Seen It Before” Personality

These ones have got some experience with other experts or sellers. They have probably seen the highs and lows.

They are tired of hearing your preplanned sales pitch or seeing you communicate with enthusiasm. They know those lines. They know those phrases.

They are interested in seeing something different. They want to see the big picture. They want to hear the latest. They want to see the recent feature or benefit or warranty.

First, ask them politely to know what they have seen or heard.

“You seem really familiar with products like this sir/ma. Would you mind telling me about the experience you have got with these products? Or the kind of products you have used?”

After telling you, then you can position your products unique selling advantage to them and connect to the benefits they would get.

“Exactly sir/ma. From what you told me, I bet you’d be interested in this because it provides X more benefits. What’s more? Some persons who got it have reported a drastic increase in X within days”

Got that?

Great. Let’s head on to personality 3

  • PERSONALITY #3: The “I Am Frustrated” Personality.

These ones have been beaten heavily with pains and regrets from previous experience. They are not motivated to take any action. They have got scars from previous exposures.

To get their attention, give them the opportunity to test your offer.

Have you ever seen those guys in buses selling drugs or perfumes?

They give you a sample to taste or feel it. And when you could see the benefits you become instantly attracted to it.

You can do it in any business….

Give a free training before the premium

Give a free x days access to a masterclass.

Give them the opportunity to select whatever item of choice…

Give them some sections of your book or audio material.

The good news is they become more convinced to try it out…

And that means you get to win them.

Okay. That’s their common personalities. I understand it may disgust you, like it did with me, when I saw my neighbour price the product out of that hawker. 

In this series, I will show you exactly what the hawker or  any other business owner could do to attract the stranger without burning out, yet make them addicted buyers.

That’s it for today.

I need to rest. Will tell you more about these so called strangers.

And mind you, they constitute over 60% of your ideal prospects.


Watch out the headline tomorrow…

One Day She’s Hungry; Another Day She’s Filled. Another Day She’s Unmotivated….

See you tomorrow!