⇒Develop your brand

⇒Add media on your platform (standard videos and pictures)

⇒Find the right people

⇒Engage with social media influencers

⇒Be active online

⇒Upload pictures and videos regularly

⇒Share important and valid contents

⇒Convert your FAQs into posts

⇒Reply everyone

⇒Check your mentions

⇒Connect with one new person

⇒Update promotions

⇒Post a professional photo as profile picture

⇒Share who you are, your expertise and what it’s all about on your bio

⇒Be sure to include links to your website

⇒Include a call to action on your bio: sign up for our newsletter, visit my website.

⇒Engage with people you follow

⇒Like and retweet posts from influencers

⇒Thank retweeters for spreading your message

⇒Research new prospects to follow and engage

⇒Monitor the competition

⇒Welcome new followers

⇒Audit your social media profiles and make sure everything is accurate

⇒Analyze your social media results