While using formulas are smart ways to save time racking your brain when writing copies, templatizing is one effective way I’ve ever seen when it comes to writing great copies.
I watched a Dan Lok videoabout last year or two, in the video he said something lke…
“Great copywriters are great stealers”
Yeah. I know that sounds unethical. But he isn’t wrong.
You don’t have all the time figuring out everything yourself. That’s shy legendary copywriters like Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Gary Bencvinvenga… keep swipe files to fertilize their brains.
Now, I understand a lot of people get this wrongly.
When people consider learning from their competition marketing plan or templates or copies, the first thing that cones to mind is to COPY them. You see, I have seen several copies from different competition exactly the same.
Nothing is different aside from the fact that they were in different websites. Many copywriters are so lazy, dumb and stupid to do that. That’s illegal. And one could be sued from copyright infringement.
Let is what templatizing means. It simply means following a proven method closely. Remember the headline:
They Laughed When I Sat At The Piano, But When I Started To Play?
That headline has been used in several copies fro over 30 years, but it’s used as a temoajte to guide the copywriter and guides the copywriter of the pyscjology behind it.
You probably have seen similar headlines like:
They laughed when I told them I’d be a copywriter, but when they saw my monthly income?
They laughed when I joined network marketing, but when I received my house fund?
That’s what templatizing is.
Here’re a few headline templates to use:
-How to get…… without………..
-Who else wants ………….. without ………
-Who Else Wants A _____ with _____?
Who Else Wants A Whiter Wash With No Hard Work?
-They Laughed When I ______ – But When I ______…
They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano But When I Started To Play…
-Do You Make These Mistakes In ______?
Do You Make These Mistakes In English?
– ______ Easy Ways To ______
14 Easy Ways To Save $100 This Month 7 Reasons Why ______!
-_____ Reasons Why You Should _______
-The Most Expensive ______ In The World, Yet Over ______ Buy It ______, Why?
The Most Expensive Magazine In The World, Yet Over 40,000 Businessmen Buy It Every Month, Why?
-To People Who Want To ______ But Can’t Get Started
To People Who Want To Write – But Can’t Get Started

Lead Templates:
-If ___________, then you should pay attention to what I’m about to tell you. Here’s why:
-Let me ask you these simple questions.
-Have you ever _________?

Now there is one I discovered recently that will help you write pro-copies fast even if you’re just starting. You probably have been told about writing copies by hand and reading aloud….
But there is more. I found out that even if you do both and you miss this one, you may still struggle with mediocre copies. Here’s why: a lot of things happen to us. We get busy with some activities and soon the practice of reading aloud may disappoint out memory. This is how come nobody how you copy notes in class or read aloud the subject, you may still struggle in writing your essays in the way your teacher will like it.
I know this being a medical student. You may come out as the most brilliant but if you miss the template format in writing a good essay, chances are you’d fail.
You need to start with an outline and make everything organized in that format to get a good score. That said, let’s talk about copywriting…
And what you could do. Recently, I decided to not only read the copy aloud or copy by hand, but to analyse the copy and draw out the templates.
Then I started with one. I took one of Omnvista health copy as experiment. I had read aloud, copied by hand, but still couldn’t write copies in the format their copywriters write them…
So I decided to try out my new hack. I analyzed the copy and here was I got…
*Start with a shocking headline.

And that became my formula. It became easier as I revert to it when writing to see if I am on-track… And guess what? That produced a crazily stunning copy.
Now, here’s something interesting I dont what you to play with. Even if AIDA failed you, templatizing will never fail you. Best, it saves you the demeaning image of stealing people’s work. It just provides you with the backbone to which their works is created…
And soon with this, you’d start writing copies. So when you see a copy or read from a swipe. Pause and think: why did he start that way?
Is this a model or template or secret formula?
Now I dare you to go create yours. We’d talk next week.

Ortega Ogomigo