In Your Prospects Brain
Don’t ever go to hunt for prospects if you don’t know what is going on in their brains.
In that, I am talking about in their minds.
Most sales are made when what is communicated resonates with what the prospects have already in his mind. Your goal is to remind her of what she is probably aware of.
Her fears. Her pains. Her frustration. Her desires. Her goals.
The more you do this the more you make everything go crazy for her.
I remember getting my first copywriting client. I realized he was hosting an event and needed to get paying to pay #50,000 to attend.
Before ever calling him, I paused and decided to think like him to understand what is going on in his mind. Want to see what I got down:
“I want to organize a sales masterclass and get participant pay #50,000 to attend. I would like to get a minimum of 100 participants so I could pay the 4 high profiled experts I got invited as well. Plus, make some money to probably start another business.
I’d be running ads on this so I could reach more people who would gladly want to pay. And yes, I have got some email list subscribers that I would also send my promotions to. I need to ensure this makes me money as fast as possible and I am ready to do whatever to make it successful even if it means running ads on TV or radio.
I would like to get 300-500 attendees. That would be really great. I would use that money to buy another car entirely….”
Then, I looked at the emotional appeal in his minds which include – to make more money… This is tied to getting more attendees to pay him.
So even if he would like get those high-profiled experts to send the content to their email subscribers or social media pages it must be the right thing… The right copy.
So when I called that was exactly what I pitched to him… And within 5 minutes, deal was closed.
When you see your prospects, always assume that they are several things going on in their minds. Something like this….
For weight loss
“Oh. My husband is probably cheating on me. He doesn’t come home on time. He doesn’t sleep on the bed with me anymore. He gives excuses that he likes to watch TV at night… I realized he was telling a lie because he doesn’t sleep in the sitting room until recently…

Or is if my added weight. My mother told me about it. That I am no longer attractive.
But I have tried reducing my weight. I have taken shakes and pills and even gone to the the gym house before. But nothing seem to work. I just keep wasting money on empty promises. I really don’t know what I could do now. I want to get back into shape and look sexy, but I really do not want to waste my time and money anymore…
I wish I could get a faster and more effective solution that is results proven and will work on me…. Plus, that doesn’t require stress.”

For Fashion
“Those guys think they can dress in style. They should wait till I travel to Dubai to get the latest exclusive Kim Kardashian collection. They would know that I have arrived. I would flaunt around my wears for days… If not months… Instagram will hear!
But I am thinking if only I could get a place closer and reliable that can afford me this kind of quality wear as well. And give me warranty. I’d really like it because going all the way to Dubai can be time and money consuming. I’d look for a place to lodge, pay for flight, pay for food, leave my business…
So stressful. How I wish…”

For Making Money
“I know people are talking about making money online. You see, many of them are fake. They use Photoshop to make their alert to make it credibile. Thank God, I am smarter now. I wouldn’t be wasting my money again on things that don’t work.
In fact if anyone of them come to meet me that he does X and Y. I would first ask him for warranty. If he is certain my money is save and he would refund me then, I may consider him. Otherwise, if he tells a lie, I’d ensure I crumble is business till he pays for it.”
As you can see from the above things going in their minds, there are different appeals to them.
The overwight person has “fear of losing her husband and losing money as her appeal”
The fashion person has “status and save time as his appeal”
The person interested in making more money has some fears and also has some interests in making more money. But the hook is the warranty that her money is save.
Do you understand?
Don’t go knocking on your prospects door without knowing what is likely to be in her mind.
Got that?
Tomorrow, I’d be telling you on how to know what is in her brain.
Ortega Ogomigo.