* Find Out Your Values

Putting first things first means executing not based on general priorities or on what comes first but it means taking the time to think through what your values and principles are.
That’s your internal compass.

And you should always use your internal compass when considering your tasks.

* Decide Whats Important To You
To decide whats important for you Covey invites the readers to picture the future they want.

From that future you would like to have, walk backward and outline the steps you need to take today to reach your destination.

Once you know what steps you need to take today, you also know whats important to execute.

* Set Goals Congruent With Your Values.

Once you know whats important to you and what your values are, you can set your goals.
You want to set your goals in a way that you will achieve what matters to you while still staying true to your values.

That makes the difference between goals that are reached and leave you unhappy versus reaching your goals while you are fulfilled and satisfied.

* Differentiate Urgent VS Important

Once you know your goals, you will be able to escape the mistake that most people do.
Stephen says that most people do first what they think is important and urgent.

However, urgent and important are often not the same thing.

And if forced to choose between doing whats urgent and whats important, most people pick urgent.

People feel important and in-demand if they are rushing from one thing to another, and tackling the urgent novelty we get an adrenaline rush which makes us feel energized and alive.

Why You Should Pick Important

Stephen makes the case that we should pick important over urgent more often.


Because important tasks are what lead to long-lasting happiness.

Especially when urgent is not also important and would have little consequences, we might all gain turning them down more often

*Don’t Compartmentalize Your Life

I agree with the idea of not seeing your life as independent silos of work, family, friends, hobbies or whatever else you have.

Indeed I believe that if you need to make different compartments, you’re probably not happy with some of them.



-Decide what your values and principles are: that will be your moral compass

-Find out what is important for you, the objectives you want to achieve in life

-Draft your goals based on your moral compass and your objectives

-Always prioritize and put first whats important to you