Book title: The Attraction Factor
Author: Joe Vitale
289 pages
20 chapters


Chapter 1
Miracles never stop
There is a rocky road through life, and then there’s an escalator. Which do you prefer? The attraction Factor shows you the way to glide through life. Why not step up and enjoy the ride?

Chapter 2
What’s your attraction factor IQ?
-The target
-Positive mental attitude
-Faith and inspired action
-Thought control
-Tools and techniques

Chapter 3
An attractor factor case study
Here Joe shares a story of how he attracted a car and he will share the 5 processes used and encourages us that it will work for us too.

Chapter 4
The truth about the law of Attraction

Joe talks about the law of attraction and encourages us “But you don’t need to believe in the Law of Attraction to work these five steps any more than you need to believe in gravity to build a house. It’s simply the hidden law that makes your construction-of a house or a life-possible.”

Chapter 5
The proof

In this chapter, Joe shares a lot of letters and true stories as proof that the Attraction Factor works.

Chapter 6
What are you Dismissing?

The point is that you buy everything that comes your way but that you don’t dismiss everything that comes your way. Sometimes a dismissal is a mask. It’s your self-sabotage at work, keeping you where you’re at. To grow, you must be open.
Again, you are the final authority on your life. Tune in to yourself and do what’s right for you. And as you do this; be alert to those times when you may be dismissing the next gift to come your way.

Chapter 7
How to attract money

-Fundamentals of prosperity
-Where is your focus?
-On money or on spirit?
-On the goals you want or on the spirit that brings them?

Truth is money is just a symbol. If you focus on the energy it represents, you will attract it.
How to become a millionaire
-Where is your focus- on money or passion?

Chapter 11
What’s Your Prosperity IQ?

Before you dive into the next chapters, pause a moment. Take this quick little
quiz by prosperity expert Randy Gage and see if you have been infected with
“lack” and limitation programming. This can reflect where your current
Attractor Factor is at work. You might want to make copies of this quiz first, so
that you can share this with your friends and loved ones.

1. Do you secretly fear that if you became wealthy your family
and friends might not like you anymore?

2. When you grew up, were you ever told things like, “We may
not be rich, but at least we’re honest!”?

3. Did your religious upbringing teach you that it is noble to
sacrifice now, and that your reward will come in the afterlife?

4. Did you (or do you) feel guilty when you started to earn more
than your parents did?

5. Were you raised to fit in and not do anything to stand out?

6. Did you grow up liking shows like Dallas, Dynasty, Gilligan’s
Island, MASH, and The Beverly Hillbillies, where rich people
were always presented as unscrupulous and conniving, or
pretentious and bumbling?

7. Do you have chronic health challenges that doctors can’t seem
to solve?

8. Did you ever get jealous of people with expensive clothes,
cars, and houses—which may have led you to develop a
subconscious “hate the rich” mentality?

9. On some level, do you think it is somehow noble, romantic, or
spiritual to be poor?

10. Did you ever end a negative relationship—then immediately
replace it with another one with a person just like the last one?

11. Have you sometimes used judgmental expressions like “poor as a church mouse,” “filthy rich,” or “obscenely wealthy”?

12. Have you ever made excuses for failure by saying things like
“you have to have money to make money,” “you have to know
someone,” or “you have to get in at the top”?

13. Do you relish being the underdog and fighting against the
odds all the time?

14. Is it possible that you are experiencing health challenges,
financial challenges, or business failures in order to evoke
sympathy and attention from the people you are close to?

15. Are you in a stable relationship? Do you have enough money
to meet your needs? Are you basically healthy? Despite all
this, do you feel like life is passing you by?
How Did You Score?
Tally your results and enter the score below.
❏ Yes
❏ No

If you answered No to 13 to 15 questions: You have a very strong
prosperity consciousness and can probably pass this quiz along to
someone else.

If you answered Yes to three or more questions: You likely have
some issues of worthiness on a subconscious level. You may be in a
holding pattern, afraid to leave your comfort zone. You’re probably
not radically unhappy, but there is no passion and excitements in your
life. You know something is missing, but you may not know what.

If you answered Yes to five or more questions: You are quite likely
in a stagnancy cycle. You make small advances, but also experience
setbacks, so that you are not really breaking through to the real
success and happiness you desire and deserve.

If you answered Yes to seven or more questions: You are headed
toward, or already experiencing, a definite downward track toward
serious emotional, physical, and financial challenges. This kind
of “victim cycle” Randy Gage was on when he lost everything when
he was 30, before transforming his life and becoming a
multimillionaire. It is imperative that you take immediate action to
break the pattern and stop the failure cycle. This will involve
uncovering the limiting beliefs you possess on a subconscious level,
and radically reprogramming yourself with positive ones.
©MMIV Randy Gage & Prosperity Power Institute. All Rights
Reserved. Used here by permission.

Chapter 12- 16 covers the 5 steps Joe has been talking about, which are:

Step 1: The springboard

Step 2: Dare something worthy

Step 3: The missing secret

Step 4: Nevillize your goals

Step 5: The ultimate secret

-Checklists from the book

-Remove negativity

-Exceed you

-Peace pilgrim

-Be a trillionare

-What do you want

-Think like God

-Let your body speak its mind

-Test your goal

-Carry your intention

-What are your beliefs

-Lose your belief

-Money beyond belief

-Realise the past

-Free your past

-Cut through pain

-Write your future

-Adertising works
Tend your garden
Go to the light

Six key points in the Attractor factor Process

* You are totally responsible for your experiences in your life

* You are absorbing beliefs from the culture itself

* You are not ruler of the earth, but you have more power than you ever realized

* You can change your thoughts

* You can do the impossible

* Whatever image you add feeling to will manifest