A wildly successful business is a business where:

Customers chase you, and not the other way round
Predictability and consistency generate new leads, clients, and revenue.

You speak only to highly-qualified prospects you can actually help.

You have an automated lead-generation system that delivers new customers on demand with minimal human effect.

You focus only on the highly leveraged activities that produce revenue.

All Business Activates includes:
-Checking emails
-Writing copy
Speaking with clients
-Having meetings
-Creating Facebook ads
-Checking stats
-Creating system and process
-Coming up with offers and promotions
-Training/On-boarding staff
-Creating sales funnels
-Sending emails
-Shooting videos
-Running errands
-Making webinars
-Creating proposals
-Scheming and plotting
Setting up systems
-Looking at analytics
-Public relations/Interviews

Revenue producing Activities
-Writing sales copy
-Coming up with offers and promotions
-Creating sales funnels
-Shooting videos
-Doing webinars
-Scheming and plotting
-80/20 rule
Pareto Vilfredo an Italian economist who discovered the 80/20 rule. He found that 80% of a nation’s wealth was controlled by 20% of the population. The 80/20 rule demonstrates you can and should disregard 80% of your business activities.

4% of your activities create 64% of the revenue in your business

“As the owner, your number one responsibility is to sell.”
“To be a truly effective entrepreneur, you must become your business’s number one expert at selling.”


– Where does your dream buyer hang out and congregate

– Where does your dream buyer get their information

– What are their biggest frustrations and challenges

– What are their hopes, dreams, and desires?

– What are their biggest fears?

What is their preferred form of communication?

What phrase, exact language, and vernacular do they use?

-What does a day in your dream buyer’s life look like?

-What makes them happy?

The temperature of your marketing message must match the temperature of your traffic.

There are three ways we can influence people:
-Talk about how good we are

-Have others talk about how good we are

-Demonstrate how good we are.

Three rules you must follow when putting together the kind of HVCO (High-value content offer) that will explode your sales

* HVCO RULE #1: Create an Attention-Grabbing Headline

* HVCO RULE #2: sure every point touches a burning issue

* HVCO RUKE #3: Keep is simple

Four Headline Essentials

* You need a headline that grabs them and practically forces them to read your material
* Numbers

* Create irresistible intrigue

* Show them what’s in it for them

The Seven parts of your Godfather offer

* Rationale

* Build value

* Pricing

* Payment option

* Premiums

* Power guarantee

* Scarcity

Seven steps to creating a power guarantee

* Study the competition

* Laser in on your strengths

* Be specific

* Choose a payback

* Test, measure, and refine

* Put in front and centre

* Give your guarantee a name

Subri Suby’s 17 step secret selling

* Call out your audience

* Demand their attention

* Back up your big promise

* Create irresistible intrigue

* Shine a floodlight on the problem

* Provide the solution

* Show your credentials

* Detail the benefits

* Social proof

* Make your godfather offer

* Add bonuses

* Stack the value

* Reveal your price

* Inject scarcity

* Give a powerful guarantee

* Call to action (CTA)

* Close with a P.S. that includes a warning and a reminder