Thirty five years ago, a young man dropped from a moving freight train in East Orange, N. J. and hurriedly made his way to the laboratory of Thomas A. Edison. When asked to state his business before being permitted to see Mr. Edison, the young man boldly replied “I am going to become his partner!”

His boldness got him past the secretary. An hour later he was at work, scrubbing floors in the Edison plant. Five years later he was the partner of the great Edison.

Culled from the preface of how to sell your way through life by Napoleon Hill.

This book explores a crucial component of achievement, your ability to make a sale among others.

Hill wrote on character formation. He says developing good character begins with a positive attitude. To be a good person first takes place in your mind.

In chapter one he defines salesmanship , the master salesman is a master of others because he is a master of himself. He says any form of effort through which one person persuades another to cooperate is salesmanship. He also said you can sell your personality.

Selling is the act of planting in the mind of another a motive which will induce favorable action. He said study, effort and experience is vital. No matter who you are and what you know, you will not succeed unless you are a salesman. You must sell yourself. You must sell your personality.

In chapter two, he said you need intelligent promotion to succeed. He gets better result by frankness to people. To be well liked gives one great advantages. He said seek counsel of men that will tell you the truth about yourself, even if it hurts you to hear. Mere commendation will not help bring the improvement you need.

Chapter 3 emphasizes on the strategy of the master salesmanship. The master salesman paints a word picture of the thing he is offering for sale. People buy personalities and ideas much more quickly than they buy merchandise.

Chapter four states the qualities a master salesman must develop which includes physical fitness, confidence, imagination, speech, hard work, knowledge of the merchandise he sells, belief in the merchandise or service, appropriateness of merchandise, value given among others. He also lists nine basic motives to which people respond freely some are motive of love, sex urge, fear, revenge etc. He also explained weakness of technique and weakness in personality and habits of a salesman.

Chapter five, auto suggestion your first step in salesmanship. Auto suggestion is self suggestion. He listed seven major positive emotion and seven negative emotions. People are motivated to buy and not to buy through their feelings.

Chapter six: the master mind. Successful achievement is the result of power.

Chapter seven: your improved concentration. Habit may grow out of concentration and concentration may grow out of habit. Concentration develops the habit of persistence. Thinking is the hardest work one can do.

Chapter eight: initiative and leadership. He listed the major attributes of initiative and leadership. A real leader is always persistent and never accepts temporary defeat as failure. Use persuasion not power.

Chapter eleven: neutralizing your perspective buyer’s need. Interest, desire and action. He lists ten major ways on which confidence is built.

Part two: a negative mind spawns only negative ideas

Chapter 13: choosing your job. Performing labor which one does not like is the major tragedies of civilization.

Chapter 14, he lists five fundamental steps for your success and 7 advantages of a definite aim.

Chapter 20 explains how to budget your time.

Chapter 21: Your Master plan for getting a position. Understand tolerance to mean people.
Every principle in this book can change your life.