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Who Am I?


I am a UK Certified Life & Business Coach and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) from the International Council for Managing Consulting Institutes (ICMCI). I am also a Fellow of the International Management Consultants Certification Board (FIMCB). 

I am an emergent force to be reckoned with in the field of Management Consulting with over 13 years of experience in Human Resources and consulting fields. I am also the Founder & Principal consultant at LYD Consulting; a firm committed to delivering consulting interventions that lead to transformational change. 

I have designed, managed and facilitated for several organizations, and also currently provide consulting interventions for banks and different organizations, some of which include, Google, The Nigerian Communication Commission(NCC), the World Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Access bank, Diamond Bank, SkyeBank, Union Bank, Heritage bank, Stanbic IBTC, StanbicIBTC pensions, First Bank, Fidelity bank, Oando, Konga, NLNG, UTC and the Nigerian Stock Exchange to mention a few.

And I have facilitated various Culture Transformation initiatives for AshakaCement, team bonding retreats for Heritage bank and Stanbic IBTC, Executive management retreats for DPR, the PoloLuxury and NLN.

Holla! I am Bankole Williams

Those Are Not To Brag

One thing I have learnt in over my 13years + of working with several high performing organizations and individuals is this: life is more beautiful when you don’t think of yourself but the next person.

Really, wouldn’t life be very beautiful if everybody is just thinking of the next man or woman and not just for their selfish interests?

Cool, and those who are close to me know that I am always thinking wide and thin on how to help the next man to…

Build his capacity, make him effective in his society and the world, make him thrive in life and business… 

Maybe because of this… 

Many accuse me of having an hypnotic effect on people

and pulling them to achieve their goals faster than they can ever imagine. 

You see, the trick is not in my years of useful experience, but my keen interests in humanity.

Recently I was undergoing my usual ritual, which is to think of how I could help the next person become the best version of himself, become a major contributor in the society and the world, thrive in life and business.

Well, I am talking about you…

While thinking of what I could do for you, my thoughts pulled me to the attention of 7 of my products that could help you win big in 2020.

You see, I really don’t know what your goals are for this year, but if you want to smash and surpass ALL your achievements in 2019 or even a decades ago, then I could help you.

Will You Let Me?

Remember the story of the man who forced a camel to well, but could not force it to drink water?

Will you be that donkey?

Or will you be like the deer who is already panting for water and couldn’t wait to get to the stream.

Great! You’re the exact person I like talking to because we wouldn’t waste either of our precious time.

Yes, I was thinking of a way to help you this year to smash your achievements in 2019 and previous years, and 

these products kept whispering to me😊

Finally, I Decided To Give You 85% Discounts (FOR A LIMITED TIME) Of My Head-Straightening  And Resetting Products To Make You WIN BIG

Yes, you heard me right.

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Take A Look At What You’ll Be Getting


I exposed in this audio tele-seminar:
👉The singular reason many people get interested in new year resolutions, and passionate about scribbling  their goals down… but never keep to it after 2-3months.
👉Why you should never set your goal in the S.M.A.R.T goal setting way…. Discover what to do instead and why I said so
👉The result-proving way to make you hit any goal before or during the set time…. This is scientific proven.
👉And many more
I exposed in this audio tele-seminar:
👉The LEGAL secret to implement when you don’t have up to the organization’s required experience and still seal the deal
👉How to can take yourself from zero to a money-magnetic self even when you don’t have any experience
👉The simple secret that positioned me in an environment that enabled thriving
👉And many more
I exposed in this audio tele-seminar:
👉How to dominate the market even if you’re just starting out (Discover what even a dummy can do to beat any competitor)
👉 The UNADVERTISED secrets many experts don’t want you to know about the market
👉7 figures lessons I learnt by keen observation from a mentor without being taught
👉And many more
I exposed in this audio tele-seminar:
👉What to do consistently to be perceived as a brand
👉 Top leaked guide on what to do before selling, to sell better (I bet you’ve not heard this… It’s far from what many people told you about branding)
👉 The psychological tests to know if you have a strong brand and how you can improve on it
👉And many more
I exposed in this audio tele-seminar:
👉If you do these… I think you will make a good consultant
👉 Discover the top habits of every successful consultant
👉 How to get corporate clients even when you’re just starting out as a consultant
👉And many more
I exposed in this audio tele-seminar:
👉The biggest mistakes made in proposal writing and how to avoid it.
👉 Why writing a winning proposal can net you over a millionaire without stress.
👉 The step-to-step guide to follow if you ever want to write a killer proposal
👉And many more
I exposed in this audio tele-seminar:
👉My zero-regret story of how I left the bank and got into consulting.
👉 The irresistible cover letter that nailed me in awe that was written by an undergraduate
👉 The discovered secret to get any opportunity ahead of others irrespective of the competition (This secret will shock you. It is not about who saw the opportunity first)
👉And many more

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You see pal, this is what I can do for you at this point. 

I want to also let you know that what those entrepreneurs claims of me are correct… 

I Hypnotize people to success.

And that is the claim I would do to you today, if you let me… 

If you take this limited offer and listen to these audio-courses while driving, sitting, walking, in the room, or dinning… and then act the secrets out…

I am afraid, but without regrets… You will never be the same way again.

You will be pulled by the magnet of life into success.

You think success is hard?

I thought it was before, until I discovered I don’t need to look for what has been found.

I decided to leverage on the experience of those that have gone ahead of me….

Did what they did. Followed their instructions and guide…  

And that was it. There was the booming move that attracted me to success!

Would you like to work smarter and leverage on what I have learnt in my 13years + experience from mentors, trial and errors, mistakes, flaws, keen observation?


Another question.

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Bankole Williams



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