The Affluent Secret System ™ MASTERCLASS

Are you tired of undercharging your fees?

Would you like to work with those with the big moolah and financial power to pay for your services?

Would you like to stop dealing with those time-vampires and soul-sucking low-ticket clients and get to your financial goals faster?

You said yes?

Then, join me for this two day webinar where I’d expose the secrets I’ve learnt from working with several multimillion dollar clients and attracting a billionaire in dollars…

And how, most importantly, you too can start selling successfully to the affluent…

Even if you’re a network marketer



Affiliate marketer

Real estate consultant

Independent business owner of a financial firm

It’s a 2 day paid class starting from 26th to 27th August, 2021. It comes with these BONUSES worth N150k.


  • How To Sell At Least 15 Times More Than The Price Of Your Competitors (Valued N5000)
  • Selling Into Millions Audio Programme (Valued N5000)
  • Never Worry About Clients Audio Programme (Valued N10,000)
  • MPO Secret Formula: Little Know Secrets To Make An Extra 6-7 Figures Every Month (Valued N5000).
  • Scripts To Build Rapport With The Affluent (Valued N15,000) would be given after the training on Saturday.
  • Monthly Retainer Secrets: How To Strike Successful And Lucrative Monthly Retainer With Clients (Valued N10,000)
  • Special 2 hours Q and A Consultation For Your Business (Ask me anything live and pick my brain for free (Valued N100,000)

TOTAL: N150,000

You see, I can easily price this class for N50k and more…

But wait a second, if you get a client that pays you over N250k in profit, would the class be worth it even if it priced for N50k.

Anyways, because I’d be proving to you my stuff works…

I’d also be giving you a 100% money back warranty on this…

In order words, if you don’t find the class useful, I’d refund you in full the exact amount you paid.

The price for the class is just N10k….

If that looks too high for you, no wahala, you can save that money or use it to pay for Netflix subscription…

But if you think you want to play the game well in getting the affluents to do more business with you, then give this class a shot.

Remember you’re losing nothing.


Anyways, the link to make payment is below. 

You’d get the bonus instantly after payment.

The price would be raised to N15k very soon. It could be the next 5 minutes after I’m done writing this letter to you…

As you may notice from this letter, I’m not writing to impress you.

In fact, I am not even going to proofread what I’ve written. The link to register for this class to blow you up in extra profit is below.

By the way, here are some of what you’d be learning.

*How to approach the affluent and get them to do business with you even if you’re just starting out.


*The little error that cost me a deal of over a million naira with a client (and how you can avoid it)


*How to converse with the affluent.


*Building a strong first impression and make them sing your praises.


*The little known secrets to working less and making more money.


*Prospecting secrets that is suitable and ideal when you want to sell to the affluent


*How to interact with the affluent.


*The power of one: how one affluent generated over $1million for a Nigerian.


*The language the affluent Understands.


*The bitter sweet lessons I learnt from losing a N50million deal.


*How to get an affluent client who told you “NO” to become one of your best clients.


*The kind of way to brand and position your business to attract the affluent.


*The kind of discount the affluent loves (and why you should give it if you want repeat business).


*How to make an affluent client restless until they buy from you.


*The unsuspecting salesman Secrets to getting the affluent from day 1.


*And many more



See you inside,



Ortega Ogomigo


  • Will there be a recording available for all the sessions? YES, you’ll receive the recording in your mail.
  • Will there be a guarantee of this masterclass? Of course yes. In fact, if you feel it’s not worth it at anytime, shoot me a mail here and you’d get an instant refund
  • Where will the class hold? On Zoom from Thursday 26th to 27th .